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Work today was haaaaaaaarrrrrrrrd. (Note whiny voice.) I don't know if the heat wave has anything to do with it. Usually hotter weather does tend to make us less happy to do difficult translations, but we've had the air conditioning on for like ever, so we haven't really been feeling the differences in temperature. The main one would be that we left the AC on all night last night instead of opening the windows, because it was that hot.

It was really crazy though. We were halfway through the CD we had put in, and about halfway through the first page we started on. That's not right, I tell you! I remember in the old days, complaining about certain pages in volume four of Fruits Basket where Ayame was talking. Those pages took twenty minutes. This page took probably thirty, and after all these years, we're supposed to be able to work faster!

It's almost a wonder there's any room for drawings, there's so much text in this series. But Ken Akamatsu does almost everything on the computer, so he doesn't have to worry about any place being too small to write in. All he has to do is shrink the text! Aaaaaahhhhh! ...Or at least that's a guess based on the fact that we know he does backgrounds on the computer. We'd have to ask someone to know for sure. But it doesn't really matter because either way, it makes our job more challenging. We've had to use the magnifying glass so many times this week.

On the bright side, there's a lot of really cool stuff happening in the story.

But whenever we see examples of our work being rewritten, we get into this, "Oh no! Is what we came up with good enough!?" phase where we figure we're going to have to redo the entire script for it to have a chance of being worth anything. Our prose trauma has made these phases more intense. And since that happened a little recently, it's been a little extra hard this week. Fortunately(?), there was so much exposition today that it was all we could do to keep the information in our heads, so there was less worrying about whether the adaptation was any good. Also, I think we came up with some really good lines, but that's always relative.

Anyway, I think we need to get away from the computer now. Today I'm thankful for really cool stuff going on in Negima!, actually managing almost fifty pages today, Oreo sitting around being cute to help our brains unmelt, our air conditioning still being in good form, and random classical music fact cards lying around.
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