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Fruits Basket letters and hotel crises!

We've now had two votes for posting a translation of the letter we submitted to the Natsuki Takaya Fruits Basket English version final volume release commemorative scrapbook (I like long modifiers), and since that's about everybody who shows interest in that stuff (okay, so I think a few more people would be interested, but it's everybody who regularly shows interest), I figure we may as well oblige. Now let me go find the Japanese version (you think we just remember what we wrote? pshh).

Now, if I remember correctly, the heading (which was handwritten by Athena) says: "Celebrating, Fruits Basket all 23 English volumes on sale! Congratulations!" And the body of the letter is as follows:

"Pleased to meet you, Takaya-sensei! We're the FF & FB loving twins who translated all 23 volumes of Fruits Basket and the Fanbook (Cat) and are a little curious as to what you thought about Final Fantasy IX, Alethea & Athena Nibley! Volume one of Fruits Basket was our very first job as professional translators, so Fruits Basket itself is a very dear series for us.

Whenever we read Fruits Basket, we think, 'Oh, this is so good! It's like a manual on how to be a good person; we want everyone to read it!' Even now, we get encouragement from the words in Fruits Basket. Shigure's words about the laundry at your feet and training through human interaction had an especially strong impact. (Why always Shigure? (ha ha))

About Ayame... translating him was really very fun! Actually, we're used to his way of talking, maybe because we grew up in a family with a lot of royal-type attitudes, so the English flowed naturally. (Maybe growing up in a 'royal' family is also why we're so much like Yuki. We both got Year of the Rat for our 13-shi fortunes!)

Aside from Tohru and Kyo, our favorite character is Momiji! We hope we can be strong people like he is, and we hope he gets the best girlfriend in the universe!

Truly, thank you very much for creating such a wonderful work as Fruits Basket! We will continue to be your fans, Takaya-sensei!"

Of course, now that we're looking at it again, I'm like, "Oh man, we should have added this!" Thanks, guys.

Ah, I'm just kidding. A few translators' notes: when we introduced ourselves at the beginning, in Japanese, all the modifiers go in the front of the noun(s) they modify, so our names were at the very end and went in this order: we translate the series, we want to know what you thought about FF9, we love FF & FB, and we're twins (which slipped in kind of in passing; I also want to point out that we used "futago-chan" to be extra cute). I think I had another note, but I can't think of it anymore. And somehow, before I fixed it, that "anymore" was "anywamore." How crazy is that? I guess I use the word "anyway" too much.

I've been having a really hard time typing properly today, which was bad, because Negima! was being difficult enough already. Darn filler chapter with talkative characters.

We had a brief adventure with Comic Con housing today! It started with *gasp!* an e-mail! Dun dun DUN!!! (I'm trying to make it more exciting.) It said that (oh no!) the credit card we used to make the initial payment wasn't working and we had 48 hours to give them a working credit card number or we'd lose the room! *panic!*

We didn't have time to deal with this!! We're on Negima! this week, and Negima! doesn't give you time for anything else!!! (We actually have no idea when our deadline is for this book, but we like getting paid for stuff, and Del Rey likes to get Negima! quickly.) But we figured we'd better take care of it. First, we checked to see if the bank showed anything weird with our credit card, because if it really was blocked, I'd probably have to call account fraud. So we checked and *shock!* the payment for the hotel had already gone through! Hawha...!?

At lunch, I called the travel agency people that Comic Con works through, and told them that they said our card didn't work but the payment went through. They were like, "What? That's not right!" And they checked their information, and it looked like it had gone through to them, too. So they told us to call the hotel to make sure everything was okay, and they'd put a note on it in their system in case the hotel checked back. So I called the hotel and explained the situation and the lady there was like, "What are you talking about? I don't see any problem."

So apparently it was a ghost e-mail! OoooooOOOOoooohh! (<--scary ghost noise) But the hotel lady said we should have no problems checking in. The lady at Travel Planners said that somebody must have been smoking something. The only thing we can think of is that somebody else's card didn't work, and they accidentally typed the wrong account number and sent the e-mail to us by mistake, so hopefully whoever that was (if they really exist) will get the e-mail notification and be able to fix the problem, because it would be really sad to arrive at Comic Con and suddenly find yourself hotelroomless.

Today I'm thankful for clearing up that hotel mess, being done with that filler chapter (though probably far from done with the difficult translatiness), getting to watch Gakuen Alice with our kitties last night, getting (relatively) lots of trial marks in 358/2 Days last night, and Mom agreeing to our DDR party idea.
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