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I try so hard to be a good person. But then something like this happens and instead of kindly keeping it between me and the offender, I have to go post on LiveJournal about it. *sigh*

Mom happened to be in the area because she had to pick Sarah up from the airport, so I guess that's why she figured she might as well stop by and pick up the peanut-butter squares that Athena, not knowing Mom would be coming by, hadn't made yet. She called us (interrupting our work, but that's not important) asking when she would get her peanut-butter squares, and when I said I didn't know, she asked how long it would take to make them, because she and Sarah were in our parking lot. Oy.

I thought it would be nice to visit with Sarah, which is why we let them in in the first place (that and we still haven't built up the resolve to shut Mom out, which might be a good thing), but it wasn't the easiest thing to get people to talk. Not that it was completely silent, but there was a definite sense of people wanting to get the goods and make a break for it.

One thing that got brought up was the PS2 that they won from MacDonald's, which they're planning on using as an extra DVD player. When we expressed what a waste that seemed to us, Mom suggested we buy a DVD player from CostCo for like $40 and then we could trade. Which of course would only really do us any good if we spent even more money to get it modified. Whee.

That would only have been a minor annoyance if the following exchange did not take place later. Sarah's going to Newport with the youth in her ward for a temple open house, so Mom said, "We have to go to the bank so I can give you some spending money for your trip tomorrow." Sarah, not wanting to go to the bank, responds with, "Why don't you pay me back later?"

I could understand Mom giving Sarah spending money. Sarah is still in Mom's custody, and not yet old enough to really get a job. But giving Sarah spending money when Sarah already has money, after telling us that we can buy her a DVD player so we can have her free PS2? Something doesn't feel right here.

They didn't share any peanut-butter squares with us either.
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