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We're off! ..almost

We leave in... hopefully two hours, but we're not communicating with our ride as much as we ought to be. He at least knows the train leaves at two. We're all packed and almost all ready to go! We're not bringing as many costumes as usual this time, which is a little sad, but also happy because we have more room in our luggage for things like, oh, food and stuff. We're not feeling rich enough to live off of hotel food, and we're not so good at wandering around towns looking for restaurants and stuff. Plus, bringing food has a definite advantage in that once it's gone, it can be replaced with shiny merchandise!

We're still playing with our shiny new camera. It takes video! I took a short video introducing our living room, which I might post at some point, except that our living room is kind of a mess, so I might decide not to let everyone see it. I'm always surprised at how my voice sounds in recordings.

Anyway, we're going, we're excited... we're actually more excited to stay in our fancy hotel room than to go to the convention itself, but that's just because we're not there yet. We might be taking a bunch more pictures this year than ever before, which is another reason it might be a good idea to leave some costumes at home--less time spent in the hotel room changing, more time spent at the convention center looking at cosplayers.

Today I'm thankful for having a ride to the train station, having someone to take care of our kitties, having a digital camera that can record videos (it even does stop motion! that's like claymation! ... *shudders* ...), having shiny DN Angel stickers to put on our camera so we can find it in case we end up posing for a picture and someone else has everybody's camera and they might all look the same, and being able to pack light.
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