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Busy day

We decided to end work early today, due to lack of ability to focus. It's kind of a shame, actually, because despite all the stuff we were doing throughout the day, we probably could have gotten a regular day's amount of work done. But it's not nearly enough of a shame to get us to work anyway.

We started the day early, because we had to take Oreo in for his "comprehensive exam" (and booster shot, while we were at it), and Banfield drop-offs are always between seven and eight-thirty. I'm sure they have a reason for that, but we don't know it, so all we can do is be mildly annoyed at having to wake up early. But we got over it. Anyway, we decided the easiest way to get Oreo into the carrier would be to ambush him before we did anything else. After his last vet appointment, doing just about anything that was even slightly unusual would cause Oreo to wonder if we were getting ready to take him away, and send him hiding under the bed. So as soon as he finished eating his breakfast, we grabbed him and shoved him in the cage! ...and proceeded to feel very guilty as we got ready and waited for Mom to pick us up.

He was a lot noisier at the vet's this time. Usually once we get into the pet store, he's calmed down (or at least quieted down out of fear of strange places), but not today. Apparently that attitude continued, and even though he was calm and collected and nice when we took him in for everything else, today he was hissing and scratching, the nurse tells us. No biting though; he's a good kitty. Though thinking about it, maybe he was grumpy because he really need to use the litter box. Maybe next time we'll wait a little longer before we ambush him. Fortunately, next time isn't for another six months. Yay healthy kitty!

After we dropped Oreo off at the vet, we spent a good deal of time searching for stickers. We had bought little star stickers to use to mark our calendar with deadlines, but then we didn't have any deadlines, so the stickers were neglected. Apparently they didn't like being neglected and decided to run away, because we couldn't find them anywhere. We wanted to use them for our letter to Natsuki Takaya that we sent off to TokyoPop today. Sadly, we had to send it sans stickers, but hopefully she'll like it anyway.

Then we put laundry in the washing machine, and then we got to work, at about our normal starting work time! A little earlier, even! Wao! And we had such good timing that when we got up stairs after taking our clothes out of the drier, the phone was ringing. It was the vet's office, letting us know we could pick up Oreo! Yay homecoming kitty! Of course, now I'm all kinds of paranoid about vaccine side effects, but Oreo seems to be doing fine, if still a little unhappy.

But with all that going on we have completely lost our ability to concentrate, and thus our work day has come to an end. And we leave for Anime Expo tomorrow!

In a complete change of subject, we got our Gakuen Alice DVDs yesterday! The day before they're officially on sale! So we decided to take advantage of having them before the rest of the world (only probably not), and watched a couple of episodes. We'd seen the episodes before, but it was fun to watch them again. Takahiro Sakurai as Misaki-sensei kind of weirded me out, because he usually has his "cool, collected guy" voice, and his "goofy main character" voice, but Misaki-sensei's voice was a combination of the two and it was quite strange. And of course Akira Ishida is perfect for Narumi. The anime does a really good job translating the manga into motion, and they even stick Higuchi-sensei in with the background characters! (We didn't notice that the first time, because we hadn't read the manga yet.)

Today I'm thankful for shiny Gakuen Alice DVDs, not having to take Oreo back to the vet for a long time as long as he stays healthy, not having to wake up early tomorrow, Mom being kind enough to drive us to the vet's office, and getting to go to Anime Expo!
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