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Celeste's housewarming party was... actually not as fun as the bridal shower, but it was still really nice. And there were peanut butter M&Ms, which are totally the best kind. I actually didn't mention what we got for Celeste and her husband. When we were at Target, we wandered into the home decor section, and they had a ton of really cute bathroom themes. What caught my eyes was a wastebasket shaped like a duck, scrubbing its head with a soapy brush, and it was soooooooo cute. And when you opened the lid (the top of the duck's head), it quacked! We liked it a lot, and Mom said it doesn't matter if the bathroom decor matches the rest of the house (so we didn't have to worry about that), so we got it for them! Celeste seemed really excited when she opened it, and she went around showing it to everybody (we left a little early, so we had her open the gift discreetly so we could see her reaction). Her husband said it was "tight." I think that's good.

Also, Celeste is trying out for American Idol on Tuesday!

Speaking of dreams, we've had some crazy dreams going on for a while now. Not like the kind while you're asleep--the kind like you dream of happening or doing or whatever. Like in Shugo Chara!!. Those kinds of dreams. Anyway, we never mentioned them on LJ before because for some reason we felt like keeping them a secret. But discussion on the way home from the housewarming party led to those people finding out anyway, so now that the cat's out of the bag, we might as well just let it run around.

It's no secret that we've had vague dreams of moving away from Fresno. It's far too hot here in the summer, and not warm enough in the winter to make up for it. We had various ideas--move to Utah, because we know people there; move to SoCal, because it's closer to Disneyland. When we started going to Disneyland more regularly, we almost made up our minds to move to Anaheim. But we hate moving with a passion, so that's the main reason it hasn't happened. The other reason is that, since we don't know anybody there, we figured we might should learn how to drive first, so as to be able to find our way around without having to also figure out bus routes or anything.

Actually, since we've moved to Fresno, we've had lots of people offer to teach us how to drive. Only Han (who was our home teacher and thus ended up driving us lots of places, including all the way to AX one year) was thoughtful enough to preface the "Have you ever thought about learning how to drive?" question with, "I'm not asking you this because I hate driving you around, but..." Of course, if we hadn't already been prone to thinking such things, him having said that would have only made it more suspicious, but since we are, it was okay. Anyway, we never took anybody up on their offer for the simple reason that we didn't want to. Of course, that then creates a bother for all the people who end up driving us around, but we had a very good excuse: we didn't have enough money to buy a car, or pay the insurance on it.

All that changed last year, which was our Year of Prosperity, and so we started thinking about it again, especially now that we wanted to move to Anaheim. ...And then all our work schedules got slowed down and we forgot about it again, except for when we really needed to get Oreo to the vet, or the one time we "needed" a ride to Disneyland and things were being weird.

But then something happened that put a crazy idea into our heads. Of course, the idea is kind of crazy (but only kind of), and it involves moving (which, as I mentioned, we hate with a passion), which is really the main reason we haven't acted on it, because as everyone should know by now, if we'd just put the video games down, we'd certainly have plenty of time.

We actually have two big dreams for life. The first is to be voice actresses in Japan. It's first because we thought of it first, but we still think it would be awesome. The second is a little more in our comfort zone but would also be super awesome. Some of you may have noticed that we're kind of into Kingdom Hearts. After we beat KH2 for the first time, we were determined to somehow be involved in the creation process of Kingdom Hearts. Since we're translators, we figured that would be the way to go. But there was a snag. We discovered we couldn't just use our cute translator charms and our connections to TokyoPop (who has published a bunch of Cine-Manga based on Disney films and TV shows, as well as Kingdom Hearts manga) to make this happen. In fact, TokyoPop offered us Kilala Princess--a series about a girl who... I think she gets power from the Disney Princesses--anyway, it's Disney and it's manga. We agreed as soon as we realized what it was, but then TP told us that Disney wanted their own people to translate the series. That's how we knew we needed to somehow get connected to Disney. That was kind of hard, being recluses in Fresno.

We tried a few things, like FaceBook and LinkedIn and stuff, but we're never on those things long enough to really do anything with them. But recently, thanks to Mickey Mouse himself, we have a New Idea.

It's actually kind of a sad story. We were going to the D23 website to find out if we could register for their big expo thing yet, and the top article on their main page was about the recent passing of Wayne Allwine, who had played Mickey Mouse for like thirty years (you'd think I'd know the exact number, and yet...). The article provided a short biography of the man, saying that at one point in his life, he decided to settle down and get a real job, and that's when he started working in the mail room at Disney Animation Studios. He went on to help in the sound department, and eventually, he was cast as Mickey Mouse.

That's when it hit us: they'll hire anybody to do the menial work at the studio for minimum wage! If we can get in there, we'll be able to meet people, and hopefully be helpful enough and cute enough that they'll like us and let us do demo tracks for their upcoming movies, and then maybe we'll get to actually be Disney characters!

And thus our plans to move back to Glendale, or maybe to neighboring Burbank (which is actually where the animation studios are), came into being. We think it would be awesome. But we're also lazy, and we have AX and Comic Con coming up, which is why we haven't made much progress on this plan. Also, we hate moving.

Today I'm thankful for peanut butter M&Ms, getting to take home all the leftover chocolate from Relief Society, crazy plans that actually seem like a feasible way of accomplishing dreams (though I wonder if it might be faster to just go to Disney and say, "Hey, could you use some translators?"; we'll see how all our conventions go), adorable duck-shaped wastebaskets, and having plans to activate Operation: Disneyland Annual Passport Renewal tomorrow.
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