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I think I want to make this short, but whenever I want to do that I end up rambling. Because we finally got a hundred percent on KH2 Final Mix yesterday, first of all, we got to see the super shiny ending, and it is indeed very shiny. Like whoa. And huh? And but the! And... you get the idea. And second, we finally got to start on one of the new games we got.

I was thinking maybe I wouldn't talk about them very much, actually. We developed this theory that sometimes people like things less simply because by the time they got to them, everyone they knew had already finished with it long ago and was all like, "Been there, done that." So we were thinking maybe if we didn't talk about them, people would be more excited about these games when they came out in English. Of course, there was also the possibility of waiting for the English version, but after playing Crystal Chronicles for DS, we kind of swore off all English-dubbed video games. Even playing through Kingdom Hearts II, we had our complaints, even about Sora! And Sora's the reason we were so obsessed with Haley Joel Osment for a while! We have a theory that even good voice actors just can't quite get the hang of dubbing.

And so, we ordered 358/2 Days, aka the Kingdom Hearts DS game, some time before it was released, thus getting it soon after its Japanese release. And then we kept it locked away (okay, so not locked away so much as taped up) for three weeks while we tried to get 100% in Final Mix. There were two reasons for this. One, there was a very slight possibility that Final Mix could have a scene we might want to already know about before playing the new KH stuff. Second and more importantly, if we stopped playing Final Mix before beating Scary Boss Guy, there was a strong possibility that we wouldn't have gotten back to it, despite how much we adore Kingdom Hearts. We're just too busy.

But yesterday! we finally got to open the shiny new KH game. And this time it's literally very shiny. The cover to the game even has little holographic stars all over it! Around lunchtime, I picked it up to look at them, but they had vanished! We think you just need a stronger (or more direct) light source, because we held it at different angles, and I even took it into a room and turned on the light, and we did find them, but that was actually pretty neat. Like it was magic! And then the magic had worn off... which would be really sad. So I'm really glad we found them again.

The game itself is just as addictive as the other Kingdom Hearts. Of course I won't give any spoilers. I was thinking about giving some more in depth opinions under a cut for our own reference, but I'm actually not feeling very well right now and I'd like to not sit up very long, which is the real reason I didn't want to make this entry very long. Well, that, and we were very responsible and worked today instead of going straight to our shiny new game. And now it's time to go play!

Today I'm thankful for shiny new game being literally shiny, not getting sick until we were mostly done with work, finding the stars again, gift-wrapping kitties (as in kitties who help with gift-wrapping, not as in actually wrapping the kitties up), and it being time to go play our shiny new game.
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