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We have been pretty busy lately. So last night, we went shopping, as I said we would. Hancock Fabric's selection of solid color cotton is not very good, and they didn't have the colors we need for Iris Hawthorne, so no Ace Attorney costumes for us just yet. But on the bright side, I remembered that oh yeah, we're busy all Saturday anyway. That's part of why we were out shopping, after all. So a lot less stress, which is always good.

After Mom bought her own fabric, we headed over to Target to get bridal shower and housewarming gifts. We also went to get some new pajama pants for ourselves, because almost all the ones we had were very worn out and in desperate need of retirement. They had some yellow ones with sunflowers, and I'm not really a fan of either of the color or the flower, but they remind me of the Son Goku song album, so I got a pair like that anyway. It flares out on the bottom, kind of like bell bottoms, and with the color it feels very seventies. Not that I really can say much about the seventies, having been born in the eighties, but we watched the Mary Tyler Moore show and Welcome Back Kotter! At least... I think both those shows were from the seventies.

As for gifts, we spent some time agonizing. We like to get presents for people that will make them happy, and not just things they have to put on a fake smile and say thank you for. That's a big part of why we'll get people gifts at random times (e.g. going to Disneyland and finding an art print that one of our sisters would love) and yet end up being empty-handed come Christmas and birthdays. And we only really met Leia just recently, and we've... actually only hung out twice, now that I think about it. Although maybe three times, but we don't remember the first time. I think it was when we went to see Gaston play the Beast in a show of Beauty and the Beast, but that would have been like four years ago, so I'm not sure it even counts. Oh right, three (four?) times, because we saw UP together. Anyway, we didn't think anime DVDs would be a good bridal shower gift. If only this had been a birthday party...

Eventually we settled on something that we think would make just about anybody happy (an ice cream maker), but then there's the question of whether or not they'll already have one, or if someone else is getting them a better one, or maybe it's really not a good idea anyway! Aaaaaaauuuughh! But we've seen her eat ice cream, so we know she doesn't have anything against it.

Still, this whole idea of "friends" is kind of freaking us out. We're just not used to it, and there's so much responsibility involved. But this morning, Han called and said Leia told him to make sure we had a ride to her bridal shower, so at least we know we're wanted. And we can lend her our Pretear DVDs, so even if the ice cream maker doesn't work out, we'll have something to make her happy.

We also discovered Twixels (changing the subject) at Target. They're like... fancy Twix. I think Twix is free to make fancy cookies if they want, but I think the name Twixel sounds less fancy than just Twix. Like... cutesie or something. Maybe that's just me. But we got the French vanilla kind and the triple chocolate kind to be tried... sometime later.

But most(?) importantly! we finally, finally! beat Scary Boss Guy last night. We were prepared to stay up until one in the morning or later if we had to, but we did it! And we were only up until midnight, which is kind of our regular bedtime (despite our efforts to move it up to eleven-thirty; not having work had made us apathetic). We almost went and beat the game right then and there to see the fancy new secret ending (we still had an hour before one o'clock, after all, and that's about how long it takes to get through the ending (a long time, I know, but there's a lot of shiny stuff that happens, so we forgive them)), but I had been a little headachey for a while and we figured we might as well wait. We actually saw the ending just the day before, because we were experimenting to see if maybe by "Critical Mode is the easiest mode to get all the endings on" they meant "you don't have to beat all the scary boss guys." Our theory was a failure and I have determined that "easiest mode to get all the endings on" is a lie.

On the bright side, after our theory proved false, we tried to cheer ourselves up by going to the theater and watching some scenes. While we were going through the scene selection, we noticed that in the corner, they had an option for which language you wanted to watch in! I had wondered why the credits listed the Japanese cast. And now I know, and I'm very very very very very happy, because the Japanese voice cast is amaaaazing. Or at least so Chain of Memories has led us to believe. Well, that, and hearing all the voice actors in other stuff. Anyway, we're excited to take advantage of that. I really want to hear the Japanese dub voices of the Pirates of the Caribbean characters.

But we haven't seen the super secret fancy ending yet, because when we got home from Target, there was a package full of manga on our doorstep. So we spent the day reading manga, and it was lovely. And a little disconcerting, because the Twins can't read for too long without going a little crazy. It's like culture shock or something, coming back to reality after spending so much time in the worlds inside books. But it was very very good manga. We are so excited to be translating this new series!

Today I'm thankful for shiny new pajama pants, shiny new manga, finding shiny gifts for people, shiny scenes with Japanese dialogue, and shiny finally beating Scary Boss Guy!!!!
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