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Fruits Basket contest

We came SO CLOSE! to beating Scary Boss Guy. Oh so close. And we actually know for a fact this time, because it Kingdom Hearts tells you how much HP somebody has left. Incidentally, way back when, in the days of the old 8-bit Nintendo, the common saying was, "Just two more hits and I would've got him! Just two more hits!" People would say this regardless of how many actual hits were required to beat the boss, because in many cases, they didn't tell us.

I remember one day we brought our copy of Star Tropics to blackhope's apartment, and then we all proceeded to take it to his friend's apartment, and his friend kept trying reeeeeeeeally hard to beat this boss, and he kept saying, "Two more hits! Just two more hits!!" (I should point out here that in most cases, you say this after the boss has killed you, thus preventing you from delivering those last two hits.) The really funny thing about it was, for that particular boss, no amount of hitting would ever kill him. He was a fire guy, and the way to beat him was to push the buttons on either side of him, thus causing the floor to fall out from under him and drop him into the water below. But in the case of Scary Boss Guy, I think we really did have a maximum of five hits left... assuming we weren't still on Charge Berserk. Oh so helpful, but oh so risky.

Anyway. We have plans to go shopping with Mom today, and not just for groceries. We need to buy gifts for bridal showers and housewarming parties and such. And as part of all this, Mom is hoping to go to Hancock Fabrics. Dun dun DUN. Here I'd convinced myself to stop stressing out over costumes because we just didn't have the materials, and now we might be going to a fabric store. We won't have much time to spend there, assuming we have any time there (there's some schedule iffiness), so we've decided that, since we know exactly where to find the kind of fabric we want for Iris Hawthorne of Ace Attorney fame, we would see if they have the right colors. If so, maybe we'll make Iris and Dahlia costumes (stealing the material I had bought for the Marle costume for Dahlia's dress), and if not, the stressing will go away once again. There actually wouldn't be too much stress anyway, because I have a pattern for Dahlia and Iris's costume falls into the Super Easy category. The idea of cosplaying Ace Attorney is pretty exciting, too, so we'll see what happens.

Right, that was the other thing. TokyoPop is having a Fruits Basket Scrapbook Contest (thanks to umadoshi for pointing it out). It's actually more like a contest for their scrapbook. (Subtle difference.) Basically, they're making a scrapbook for Natsuki Takaya to commemorate the release of the last volume of Fruits Basket in America. You submit something you'd like them to put in it to show Takaya-sensei your love of the series, and if you win, your submission goes in! Tadah! That really is the only prize, which makes it a little silly that TokyoPop employees and contractors aren't eligible to enter. We found out about the scrapbook (via Ysa's link to the contest) and asked our boss at TP if we could write a letter for it, and she said yes! So we're excited. It would be kind of depressing to have translated the whole series and not get to add something to the scrapbook. Anyway, if you're a Fruits Basket fan and want to show Takaya-sensei how much the series means to you, this could be a good opportunity!

Today I'm thankful for a strategy that looks like it will work if we can just get to the point where we can use it, permission to submit something for the Fruits Basket scrapbook, finding the reference we needed to get those important details about Iris's costume, potentially being able to cosplay Ace Attorney, and it now being snack time.
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