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We've been so absorbed in Kingdom Hearts lately that we've been neglecting a bunch of other things, like putting stuff in the mail. This is a bad thing, because we had a credit card bill that is now being paid late, despite my having written the check a couple of weeks ago. Eheh. (Incidentally, as an indication of just how much Kingdom Hearts and Shugo Chara!! had taken over our lives, the other day, I had a dream that seemed like not a dream at first because in it, I was just waking up. And the reason I was waking up was that I heard sounds from the living room--someone had come into our apartment and was playing our Kingdom Hearts game. And it was Tadase from Shugo Chara!!. And then we had to go save the town using some kind of a submarine. Weird.)

But today, even though we still have Scary Boss Guy to defeat, we were responsible and finally put stuff in the mail. As I was addressing all the envelopes last night, I realized that that's a lot of money we're sending out, and it made me sigh. But then I thought that maybe, once we've finally paid all the things we were obligated to pay, we would finally get some exciting news from work, because when you fulfill your obligations, you get rewarded. Usually not right away, but we like to dream. Plus it's a good motivator, and it does usually work out eventually.

So we finally put stuff in the mail. We tend to put it off because it involves *gasp!* leaving the apartment, but we did it anyway! Then we came back, finished our morning routine, and checked our e-mail. Lo and behold, we had one e-mail. It was from our boss at TokyoPop, and the subject was "new series." !!!!

So we're very excited, but still a little glum because Scary Boss Guy is still scary and bosslike. We even raised Sora's defense fourteen points and it's not helping! But that's part of the beauty of getting a new series--we have to wait to get the books, so we automatically have some time built in that we can use to destroy Scary Boss Guy. We'll be starting the new series on volume two, which raises all kinds of questions about why. Our boss will be sending us volume one to read, though, so we lost our excuse to make a Kinokuniya order. It's just as well. We shouldn't be splurging on manga at our current financial state. And we still have a bunch of unread manga that we need to get to anyway. In the meantime, back to Scary Boss Guy. Hopefully not for too long.

Today I'm thankful for getting a new series to translate!, our imaginary scenarios (the nice ones) coming true, not having to pay for shipping from Kinokuniya, getting to watch Negima! last night (we needed a break from Scary Boss Guy), and not having to go to the 7-11 today.
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