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Wow, it got late. We got invited to an early Father's Day thing at Mom's house, and we ended up leaving earlier and coming back later than we expected. But we got to have a nice long talk with Mom about stuff that's been bugging us, so it was all very productive. It was just a little bit hard because we finally, finally! beat those water guys this morning.

See, after lamenting our inability to defeat them yesterday, we decided we needed a change of pace, so we finished up all the Gummi missions, which was super hard too because they want you to get seven million points for the last one, and we didn't realize that all we needed was a drain Gummi, because Athena doesn't like drain Gummis. But that took about all night, so we went to bed without beating the water guys, which was now all we had left.

Then this morning, we finally managed to beat them. But it was the last thing available, and we knew that there should be more. Like a scene or a treasure or something. So we searched all over Hollow Bastion to see if something had opened up, but there was nothing, and then we decided that maybe Square-Enix really has started making it so you can't unlock all the sidequests until after you've beaten the game once. (Final Fantasy V Advance is the same way.) So we beat the game, and the ending still made me so happy I was crying, and then we checked, and lo and behold, more sidequests. So now we still have that to do, but at least it's different scenery than fighting those water guys.

Today I'm thankful for finally finally finally beating those water guys (we were both shocked when it happened, but very very grateful), the ending to KH2 being so happy (that's not really a spoiler, is it?), getting 100% on the Gummi missions, getting to have a nice talk with Mom, and Celeste agreeing to take us to the circus if we're not at Disneyland on Wednesday.
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