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Not the water guys!! Aaaaaaaahhhh!!!

We don't have time to post today! We're still in the middle of KH2 sidequests! It's so aggravating. We spent all afternoon and all night yesterday working on these sidequests and all we did was defeat two more bosses and one more mushroom. The boss thing might sound impressive, but this is talking about a room where you basically choose a boss and go fight it--no long dungeon or maze or anything to get through first. And we're already at the highest level possible!

And! for the mushroom, we cheated and looked up hints on the internet. We hate doing that! But we had tried this mushroom so many times, and with so many different strategies that we were completely out of ideas. Originally, I was just going to check the strategy and give Athena a hint, but it was so complicated, I just told her anyway, and we wouldn't have thought of it on our own, so the relief at having finally reached the goal with that mushroom outweighs the shame of having had to look it up. Besides, everybody needs help sometimes. We shouldn't be too proud to admit it.

So today we're down to one more boss battle, and it is really really hard. (I was going to call it pure evil, but decided not to in the hopes that not calling it evil would make it be nicer?) And in the story, this is the weakest guy in the whole boss organization! But he has these water guys! The water guys! Aaaaaaaauuuuuggghhhh! The water guys. He sends them at you in groups of varying sizes and you have to defeat each group within thirty seconds, which is fine for the groups that are only 13 or 25 guys, but when they get up to 75, it's super super hard.

It took us forever just to figure out how to get past the first part of the battle! After fighting four groups, you fight the guy himself, but when he gets down low enough he sends more groups of water guys after you and one of the groups has 99 guys in it! And you still only get thirty seconds!!! So we were like, "Okay, we'll just have to defeat him before he sends out the new groups!" But no such luck. We got him down to one HP. One!! But he kept staying alive forever until he finally got away from Sora long enough to send the guys after us again.

We've figured out a strategy that might work. We got the guys down to four once. But man. It's hard. We've been at it all day. Except when we were out hunting for ingredients to make magic boosts so that maybe we could get rid of more water guys at a time. So far that hasn't worked, but we're going to try using the magic boosts on someone else and see if that helps. (The magic of not saving!)

Oh! But in happier news! Today we got a letter from lyschan with one of the most adorable drawings ever on it! (Actually it came yesterday, but we tend to check the mail in the mornings, which means we don't usually get it until the day after it arrives.) We would totally scan it in and show it to everyone except that we have scanner issues, and we also don't have time. We also got Han and Leia's wedding announcement, which is very cute as well.

Today I'm thankful for letters with adorable drawings, cute wedding pictures, bosses that don't take a million tries to defeat, being all caught up with Shugo Chara!!, and having cookie dough to bake tonight. I think we'll be needing cookies. Sigh.
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