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Kingdom Hearts sidequesting continues to be evil. We got all the way to level 99, so we went to do the special super boss battles that they prepared for us... and they're still impossible! That's what all the power up items they gave us are for, I guess. I'm not sure if I approve of drugging a minor, but how else are we going to get 100%? I'm sorry, Sora!

In more random news, the other night I was very careful to use the word "fewer" instead of "less." We were actually big fans of Ken Jennings back in the day (watching him win at Jeopardy! helped us maintain our sanity in 2004), and one time he was talking to Trebek about being a grammar Nazi, and how his big thing that people mess up all the time is using "less" when they should use "fewer" and maybe vice versa, but I think "less" tends to be used more regularly. At the time, I was like, "Wait... people mess that up?" So I started paying attention, and now I think I have it down. But sometimes we both use the wrong one on purpose anyway, because it sounds cuter.

And that's when I realized why it is that it grates on my nerves so badly when people use "... and I" incorrectly. People do it all the time now, too, because "... and me" was over-corrected when we were growing up. But what I realized was that, in our minds, "me" is by default much cuter than "I." In other words, it's only okay to use bad grammar (in our books) if you're being cute about it. I think that "I" is a really good word for more... like... regal types, and they would never use bad grammar.

Today I'm thankful for getting a check from Yen Press today, finishing work early today, getting to see Kukai's brothers (one of them is played by Hoshi-san!), cute grammar, and the really adorable scene that happened a few seconds ago. Oreo's sitting on the chair behind us (placed there to lure Mimsy away when she's stolen one of ours), and Mimsy just walked in and meowed. At that point, Oreo stretched out his paw, much like you see kings do in the movie, and it was all like, "You may kiss the royal paw." And she just kind of looked around like, "What?" Too cute♥
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