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Further adventures in library copying

Today certainly has been interesting. We got an e-mail this morning from someone applying to work for our fictitious business. It's not the first time we've had people send us resumes, or even call us trying to apply, but it's the first e-mail, and we're not entirely sure how to deal with it. If it were us, in many cases we'd rather get nothing than a "sorry, but no," but some people like to have that closure. So we're a little bit at a loss.

And then our adventures in library copying have continued today. As some background, three different wards meet in our building every week. This year, the Peachwood Ward meets from nine to noon, our ward (Heritage) meets from eleven to two, and Mountain View meets from one to four. Every year, Peachwood and Mountain View switch meeting times, but our ward always meets at eleven. Athena and I work in the library during the second hour of our ward's meetings, which puts us in there right after Peachwood's meetings end and right before Mountain View's start, and we usually end up helping people from at least two of the three wards. These days, people mostly come to the library for one of two things: chalk or copies.

So after Sacrament Meeting, we walked into the library, where the Peachwood Ward's librarians were helping some people after their meetings (we usually stop by the library after our third hour, too, but if the next ward's librarian is there, we leave). Their head librarian is really good about telling us librarian news, which is good because if he didn't tell us what new things the librarians needed to know, we would never find out. This week, the news was that there's a reason they have codes you need to enter to use the new old copier (New old copier reference). They want to keep track of which wards are making how many copies, so they're charging each ward the right amount for paper and ink, we guess. So now we need to use our own ward's code when we're making copies.

Problem #1: No one ever told us our ward's code. We had been using Peachwood's code, because that librarian figured it didn't matter--we just needed a code so people could have copies--and had written it down for everyone's convenience. But now we were forbidden from using it.

Problem #2: As mentioned above, we don't only make copies for the people in our ward. Well, okay we already know Peachwood's code, but now we have to track down Mountain View's, so then we can have a code for everybody, so we can make copies for everybody and use the right code.

Fortunately, both of these problems are easily solved; it's just annoying that we found out about it secondhand. So Athena took care of things in the library while I went to track down the bishop and find out our ward's code. For some reason I tend to get very melodramatic when stuff like this happens, but I think it's okay because most people seem to think it's cute and don't take it too seriously. Of course, the not taking it seriously can be a problem ("not being taken seriously is a problem" reference), but this time we got the problem taken care of, so it's okay. One of the people in charge of the Mountain View code happened to walk by as I was discussing the whole code thing with our bishop, too, so it all got solved very easily, except that the Mountain View guy was very reluctant to share the code, like I'd misuse it or something. Ah well, just because our church preaches integrity doesn't mean all its members have it, so I can't say I don't understand. It didn't prevent me from more theatrics, though. Eheh. At least I waited until I was in the privacy of the library.

Then, after all that went down, the teacher of the family history class had left her students to their own genealogical devices and was hanging out in the library. I'm not entirely sure why, but she was. Come to think of it, Han had stopped by to say hello and she was probably attracted by the sound of conversation. Anyway, while she was there, someone came in needing double-sided copies. I think I actually have done those with this new old copier, but I was totally blanking at the time, and I said, "I'm not entirely sure how to do that." But as it just so happened, Family History Teacher used to sell that exact model of copier, and she knew exactly what to do! Yay! So she showed me and all was well.

Then we were discussing how hard it is to get the copies out of the little cavernous region of the machine where they come out of the printer. Family History Teacher said, "Yeah, I don't understand why they don't just have them come out on this nice little tray here that's sticking out of the machine for easy access." (I'm paraphrasing; she had the machine there, so she didn't need to paint the image and just said "here.") And we said that we think they tried to do that but they couldn't get it to work or something... And Super Copy Lady came to the rescue again and reset the machine so the copies come out on the tray! She also told us the machine's default administrative code. We are the code masters!

But now that she's reset the machine, apparently there's no longer a need to be a code master, because it doesn't ask for a code anymore. We were highly amused to discover this. But we also figured that they were keeping track for a reason, so when one of the bishopric members came in to thank us for being so good about realizing we'd need the other wards' codes, we made sure to let him know, and maybe he'll be able to inform one of the people To Whom It May Concern.

In the midst of it all, Athena decided to sort through all the little bits of paper she had in her scripture bag (so she'd have room to put the paper we wrote all the codes on) and found some really good quotes, like this one that turned out to be quite applicable: "When your patience is tried, try to be patient!" There was another really good one, too, but we've been sitting at the computer way too long already to be sitting at it longer while fishing out this quote again.

Today I'm thankful for easily finding all the codes (seriously, it sounds like a video game--we even got an extra bonus code after finding all the codes!), having a really sweet visiting teacher who brought us cupcakes on a day when I was just a little bit sad that the Relief Society teacher didn't bring treats, finding good quotes again, having cupcakes, and smart kitties. (Mimsy seems to have picked up on the fact that when we say "read manga," she'll get to sit on someone's lap and be petted♥)
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