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So. Today has been stressful, but that's what happens when you have to leave your comfort zone. We're looking for more work. Things are going. I can't say if they're going well or not, since it's too early to tell, but I think we're okay as long as we're not standing still.

In the meantime, our home teacher is telling us to draw up an outline for a flier advertising our services as Japanese tutors. This would probably actually be more of a job for Athena, since she's much better at tutoring than I am. The truth of this is illustrated in the story of how I couldn't for the life of me explain to this one boy why you can't answer "como estas" with "no hay mucho." He really was trying to do this; to me, it just wasn't logical, but I couldn't explain why. I told Athena about this and she almost immediately starts explaining that you can't answer "how" with a noun; you have to answer it with an adjective or adverb.

This actually sounds like a very good idea, tutoring. We're just not sure what we need to put on the flier, and we're afraid to ask anyone in case it's obvious and they're like, "What kind of a tutor doesn't even know what to put on a tutoring flier?" It's like in The Mythical Detective Loki: Ragnarok manga, where in one of the little extras Narugami was going to be a tutor, and Loki's like, "Um... Narukami-kun, if you want to be a tutor, you have to actually know stuff."

So if anyone has any advice they'd like to kindly impart, we would greatly appreciate it.
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