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Sometimes, I wonder about posting. I like posting, and I like to do it every day. But sometimes, I don't really have anything to talk about, and I wonder if it bothers people to have their friends list filled up with me rambling about sometimes completely random things. I believe I have an entry about spoons somewhere...

Anyway, as for us personally, we like to have people fill up our friends list with long posts about random things. (Though sometimes it bothers us when they embed media and mess up our screen with big things, but that's partly our own fault for stubbornly insisting on having such a tiny pixelation, even if we do have to change it every time we want to watch something on Crunchyroll.) And suddenly I'm wondering if I've made this post before... Oh well. Anyway, as far as doing unto others what we would have them do unto us, I think we're doing okay in regards to Live Journal.

As usual, our days have been taken up with Shugo Chara!! (We've come up with a theory about a certain character turning evil, and we're determined! to see it happen... or at least get caught up and see that it won't. Another thing I really want to see is for Dia to say, "By the way, that's not actually my name." They all just decided that's what it was, and she just answers to it, when all the other characters introduced themselves as something.) and Kingdom Hearts (sidequesting is progressing smoothly for the time being. Final Mix has included a Mysterious Cave that will also aide in leveling up while at the same time completing sidequests. Most of the other KH2 sidequests aren't nice enough to give you experience.). We like them a lot, but we're anxious to get through them, so we kind of get impatient with everything else. Part of why I've been having a hard time with LJ lately. And so... off we go, back to Kingdom Hearts!

Today I'm thankful for sidequests that provide experience points, the water heater not exploding while we were sleeping (there was a noise last night; we were a little nervous), having finally bested three out of eleven XIII kinoko, getting back to episodes with Main Plot in Shugo Chara!!, and the word "pow!".
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