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Back to the vet

Oreo's veterinary adventures continue, as today we took him to get vaccinated. I didn't think much of it until we actually took him to get the vaccines, and then I was like, "Wait, but doesn't that mean injecting sickness into my kitty?" The doctor explained that the viruses are all broken up, which basically means they're dead, so intellectually I know there's nothing to worry about, but when the word "rabies" is involved, it gets a little scary for no good reason. And since we got back, Oreo's been following us around all day. He's actually been doing that for a while, probably because of our new habit of actually going places, but I'm still like, "Oh, I hope the dead viruses aren't making him feel too icky..."

The problem we have now is that, because we went and scheduled the vaccination for today without thinking of the consequences, Oreo needs a booster shot in three weeks, and guess when AX starts? So we made the appointment for two weeks and six days from now... and then realized that that's actually Anime Expo's Day 0 (for getting pre-registration and stuff taken care of so you can either go to the opening ceremonies or get in line for the dealers' room early), and the day we check into our hotel. I'll just have to call and reschedule again, and hopefully it won't be too soon for his booster shot (I get really paranoid about time frames).

But other than all that stuff, we're pretty happy because, despite taking time out to go to the vet, we finished work early, and now we should finally have lots of time for Kingdom Hearts. Monday we went to Family Home Evening, Tuesday we had a girls' night out (and then we took even more time out to see UP again), and yesterday we had to go grocery shopping. So we haven't had a good chunk of KH time in a long time. And now we do! Yay!

Today I'm thankful for a relatively painless trip to the vet this morning, chocolate Chex being on sale last night, getting our confirmation e-mail from the Westin today (it says right on it that we have two beds this time!), having a big chunk of time to play Kingdom Hearts in, and friendly answers to my paranoid questions.
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