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I still don't know why they call it rugby.

Donald Duck turns 75 today!! That's pretty awesome. We shall celebrate by playing Kingdom Hearts (as if we weren't already planning to do that).

Family Home Evening last night was alright, I guess. There was a brief lesson on faith that the guy in charge almost forgot about. Apparently he was really excited about the game: kissing rugby, which he claims is not scary and can actually get pretty violent! We think that's a contradiction in terms, but...

We had never played that game before, but it didn't take me long to decide that I hate it very much. The rules are something like this: everyone sits in a circle. Boys are given a number, girls are given a letter. Someone, I'll call them It for clarity's sake, sits in the middle and calls a number and a letter. If It is male, then the girl who has been called up must try to kiss the top of his head, while the guy must try to kiss the top of the girl's head before she succeeds. If It is female, it's the other way around. Whoever fails becomes the new It. After they explained the rules, I foresaw myself accidentally ramming my face into someone's skull and cutting either my lip or their scalp, so I decided not to play. Athena had already decided not to play, and in fact had brought some thread and the pompom maker along to give herself something else to do.

It didn't take long to figure out that the girls were at a clear disadvantage. We started out with a girl It, so the first girl playing had to try to kiss a guy on the top of the head while he was standing, and just about all the guys in the ward are pretty tall. (Of course there's the option of trying to get him while he bends down to kiss It, but very few people ever tried that.) None of the girls tried very hard because they didn't want to hurt anybody, but the guys still fought with everything they had because Fresno is a town of super competitive men. So much for chivalry. So watching the game, for me, was an exercise in aggravation. I should have brought something else to do, too. Oy.

Still, after everything finally ended, we got to talk to some people, which was nice, so the night wasn't a total failure.

In happier news, we discovered what the changes to Fantasmic! are, and they actually seem like a good idea! (Especially because they don't involve changing the soundtrack to fit in "more popular" characters.) First, they had a crocodile following after Captain Hook's ship from the very beginning, but sometimes he would just... not be there. We suspect it's because they had trouble with the float, because there was also an Ursula float that would show up during her big thing which also vanished. But now apparently it's been upgraded and it's going to be Official.

And second, in all of our rantings about how there's no need to change Fantasmic! what are they thinking?, I would mention how the from the part where the Wicked Queen shows up to the part where Maleficent shows up, the only special effect they had was the projecting images on water thing, but after they first do that, the novelty wears off and that part of the show drags a little (inasmuch as it's possible for something as awesome as Fantasmic! to drag). As I mentioned, they used to have an Ursula float, but it's been gone for years, and... to be honest, it wasn't that great. But now! they're going to have Flotsam and Jetsam! And apparently they've evolved into electrical moray eels, because the description says there will be electric eels, but they weren't electric in the movie. Oh well, the point is electricity is sparkly and non-electricity isn't, and Fantasmic! is made of sparkle. So Flotsam and Jetsam have evolved, and as long as they look cool, that's all that matters.

Today I'm thankful for not having to worry about the changes in Fantasmic! anymore (but of course we still need to see them), having some cookies leftover from FHE last night, 75 years of Donald Duck, plans to go out for dessert tonight, and getting to talk to people a little last night.
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