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We're being social! ...ish.

Today ended up being surprisingly social! Yay! It started with us getting another e-mail from Astro Nerd Boy, which wasn't really a social thing, but I wanted to brag about it anyway. For those of you who don't remember, he sent us an e-mail a couple months(?) ago thanking us for our wonderful translations. As it turns out, one of his favorite titles is Negima!, and the first volume that we translated of that very series came out recently, so he sent us another e-mail telling us how happy he was that we're on it. It was a very nice confidence boost.

As fanboys (and fangirls, and I think smart people in general actually) are wont to do, he did point out a translation error, but it was completely our own fault and we actually found out about it ourselves recently, so it didn't bother us too much. They were talking about how powerful people are and comparing them to like battleships and stuff, and they kept talking about Aegis-kan, which we didn't realize until recently is a reference to actual military Aegis Cruisers. We were watching a TV show or something where they mentioned it and we were like, "Dang it, they're real ships!!" But it was too late to do anything about it, especially because we forgot almost immediately after the realization. At least, we think it was too late, but since we don't remember when it was... We can't even remember what show it was, but we suspect it was Jeopardy!.

In the library at church today, a missionary came in and was about to make copies for himself, but I pulled rank on him, walked him to the other side of the counter, and explained to him how the library works. I thought it was kind of cute and funny, so hopefully he wasn't too offended. The whole thing would have worked out much better if I'd already known how to get the copier out of sleep mode. Since I didn't, I ended up staring at the machine for a minute and looking very uncool. Ah well, he got his copy in the end.

After church, since the Family Home Evening coordinators had asked people to bring refreshments if they could, and we happen to have a Bucket of Cookie Dough, we figured we should maybe be more helpful to the ward and volunteer. And that's really where the extra socialization came in. Tadah! It's not much, but not much is better than nothing, right? Actually, Athena was much better than I was (she talked to a bunch of people while I was playing prelude and postlude music on the piano). But then one of our Disneyland associates came to let us know that the plan for our Summer Nightastic party is going to be sometime the week of the 22nd. And that wasn't entirely social either, but it will lead to socializing.

Today I'm thankful for another wonderful testimony meeting, plans to Be Social, the idea of a Summer Nightastic party (Donald's method for saving seats for Fantasmic! sounds so much better than the way we always did it), learning a new feature on the copy machine, and actually getting S Rank on the Gummi EX Mission that required a ship with no weapons.
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