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Work before play

Saturdays are always so hard for us because they trick us into thinking we'll have lots of time to goof around playing video games and watching Shugo Chara!!, and then we remember all the "responsible" things we should do first. Though come to think of it, making costumes isn't entirely responsible, but it productive (as it involves producing things out of fabric and various other materials), and we need to push ourselves to do it because it involves more "work" than video games and Shugo Chara!!. Maybe one of these days we'll cosplay Shugo Chara!!, and then at least we'll be combining the two loves. Of course by that time, we might actually be out of our Shugo Chara!! phase. Sigh.

Of course, just because we make sure to make progress on costumes doesn't mean we make sure to make much progress. Today I got half a glove sewn together! And then I realized that the fingers were too short, so I have to take out all the seams and do it again, and that was the end of that. Still, gloves are hard and scary, so a little progress is better than none? (Especially because I don't have to cut out any new pieces to fix the fingers.) We talked it over and decided not to let costumes stress us out too much. But we have to let them stress us out a little bit, just to make sure we don't decide we're too lazy and then get to the convention and be all, "I wish I had shiny new costumes..."

Anyway, we're still feeling pretty pressed for time today. It's kind of silly to feel pressed for time when what you're going to use that time for is video games and Shugo Chara!! (but maybe not the latter so much because we already watched some of that today), but we feel very obligated to the things we impose on ourselves. Except apparently costumes. Oy.

Today I'm thankful for the pretty smell of flowers coming from somewhere outside, discovering again that gloves aren't necessarily as terrifying to make as they seem, having more milk, simpler times when Gummi missions didn't include the letters EX (they do make for interesting challenges though), and XIII kinoko.
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