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Shugo Chara!! (it has two exclamation points in the title once you get to episode... 52?) is driving us crazy!!! We finished Kieli pretty early on, so we decided we had time to watch some Shugo Chara! (it only had one exclamation point as of the last episode we'd seen) before working on costumes, and they went and had a recap episode!!! And then! THEN!! they had another one! Two recap episodes in a row! We have a harder time watching recap episodes than we do watching reruns. I'm not sure why. Athena says it's about context. And we'd dealt with two recap episodes in a row before (I think Gundam Seed Destiny went through an entire recap phase, and wow Cluster Edge), but that doesn't make it any easier. Especially when the new opening sequence keeps taunting us with the return of the character we'd been waiting through fourteen episodes of filler for the return of. And that didn't seem to make grammatical sense, but... oh well.

And so instead of working on costumes, we ended up watching five episodes of Shugo Chara!!, as opposed to the two we had originally planned. We did work on costumes a little tiny bit though. I made Lizvan's undershirt! And Athena ran tests for experimental costume elements.

And instead of working on costumes after posting, we're going back to Kingdom Hearts. Last night we hit upon a theory that each member of Organization XIII was modeled after a common Final Fantasy monster, and suddenly they all became massively more interesting. Some of them fit really really well, like Axel as a bomb and Larxene as a co... couer... those tiger things with the antennae that zap you. Her weapon is even like claws!! And then Athena was starting to joke when she suggested that Vexen was a flan, but then she realized he really does look like one. And he has that shield that makes him impervious to physical attacks. And he's super annoying like flans, Athena adds.

Then there are ones that are a little less clear. I decided that Lexaeus is a hill gigas based purely on his hair and the fact that he's an earth element. We think Xaldin might be a malboro, because they always attack with breath (wind), and his hair does kind of look like tentacles. And we think Zexion might be a mind flayer, because they strike us as being kind of bookish. I also seem to remember them carrying books around, but we actually haven't played enough Final Fantasy to encounter any in a while.

And then there are guys like Luxord who we just can't figure out. So we just decided he's a zombie because he hangs out with undead pirates.

Speaking characters resembling other things, one day, I was staring at our Kingdom Hearts screensaver, and I realized that Ansem looks like he could be related to another video game character. Check it out:



Today I'm thankful for Nagihiko's return, fun character association games, having time to watch Shugo Chara!! today, getting our first character badge that's not an X egg, and that character being Daichi. Our second character was Yoru, for which I'm also thankful, because Yoru is the cutest little thing ever.
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