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Today has been super super hard. We decided that having the end in sight of a project you really dislike doing is not always a good thing. It's like, "Yes, I can see the end over there, but why can't it be over here!?" So there was a lot of yelling during work today. Not because we were particularly angry or worked up (though there was a very little bit of that), but mostly just because there was a strong need to make noise. The need became even stronger when the phone rang. Thinking about it, I don't know that it was a solicitor every time, since I always waited long enough to pick up that they hung up first, but I like to think that our local friends wouldn't hang up during the sixth ring. Six rings is kind of a lot, though. Sigh.

Anyway, I hinted at it before, but one of the main problems we're working to fix in this Kieli translation is repetition. We thought we had been fighting the problem the first time we went through it, and then again the second time we went through it. But going through it a third time, we're finding that we weren't fighting it hard enough. There was one part where I had actually typed that Harvey had directed a weapon directly at its target. What was I thinking!? (Say it with me, now: Clearly, you weren't.) Even more surprising is that we didn't catch it on our second run through.

Sometimes it's not quite so much our fault. Starting somewhere in the second half of the book, there's gareki (rubble) everywhere, and there are only so many different translations of that that work in the context. It's not fair! Why should the author get to use gareki eighty-three million times (that's almost not an exaggeration ...if you take the million off) when we have to keep using different words!? Not fair, I say!

We had been advised to use a thesaurus, but the one online is not always our friend. Rubble is just not the same as garbage. It's actually not uncommon for us to look up a word and get a bunch of things that really don't mean what we want at all--this has been going on for years, even before we knew what Kieli was. And then we'll have a word that just sounds so perfect... only to find it two lines later, also sounding very perfect, but now repetitive. We spent a good deal of time trying to find synonyms for "rip" that had the right impact. We settled on something eventually, but it just wasn't the same, alas. ...and only just now did I notice the pun in that. Ha ha... ha.

Changing the subject entirely, we thought we should probably give a heads up for certain people with Aerith costumes that the voice of Sephiroth (Japanese version, of course) is going to be at Anime Expo, just in case said costumes are still wearable. He was also Homura in Saiyuki.

Today I'm thankful for Snickers ice cream brownie sandwiches, being very very very close to the end of this rewrite, being done with work for the day, the ability to make noise, and being able to have fun with work even when we really don't want to do it.
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