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Not-so-random thoughts

Today is a day of not-so-random thoughts. They seem random, but they're all inspired by things we've read online today. For example:

Me: I don't see the appeal of Organization XIII.
Athena: Neither do I. I mean, they're whole thing is that they don't have emotions so you can kill them without remorse.

She adds that she's not really that bloodthirsty. Anyway, I thought about it a little more, since we don't have much else to think about while we're on break from Kieli (what? Think about Kieli? You jest *grin*), and I figured it out. I was like, "I mean, they don't really do anything except attack Sora, they don't really have any backstory, and only a little personality is revealed... oh." We recently came up with a theory that part of the fun of long shounen serieseseses with millions of characters is to find an obscure character with very little background and/or personality and make one up for them, thus making the character your own. And Organization XIII is basically an organization of character templates. I wonder if 358/2 Days will change any of that... We really need to finish KH2.

Our other not-so-random thought comes from someone commenting about how their day couldn't get a whole lot worse. It makes me want to start a new proverb: if you think your day can't get much worse, it's only from lack of imagination. Or something along those lines that sounds spiffier. The point is, regardless of how bad or good any day has been, until it's over, there is always the possibility of it getting worse (or better! yay!). The time when it can't get any worse at all is practically nonexistent, which means your day can probably get infinitely worse, even if it already sucks. But on the other hand, that also means it can get infinitely better!

Anyway, my point is, I understand the need for hyperbole when you're having a bad day, but it's not usually a good idea to tempt the powers that be by challenging them to make a bad day worse. This is something we've learned from years of watching cartoons.

So instead we focus on the happy things! Today I'm thankful for not eating any of the mold we found on our bread today, having backup lunch plans when the sandwich idea failed because of the moldy bread, things to ponder, the word ponder, and the lovely weather we've had today.
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