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Are we done yet?

Today was really really hard. I think there probably have been days when the desire to work was even less than what it was today, but today was still pretty bad. It's not that work was even that bad, thinking back on it, but at the time, it seemed pretty terrible. Athena was constantly asking, "Are we done yet!?" But of course we weren't. Until now! Yay! Well, actually, until about half an hour ago. For today, anyway. We have to get right back to it tomorrow.

Time is kind of funny, though. All through work, it seemed to drag on and on and on, but when work was finally over, it was kind of like, "Already?" I'm sure I can figure out a logical (to me) explanation as to why it would seem that way, but I think I've worked my brain hard enough today. I do enjoy having a job that's not mindless, even if it's hard to want to do it some days.

I think this entry is too short, so I'm trying to lengthen it out. I don't know how most people feel about how long LJ entries should be, but since people haven't been posting much on our friends list lately (though today was busier than it has been), it makes me want to have long entries for our own enjoyment. It's kind of silly, though, because we're so obsessed with Kingdom Hearts right now that we'd probably enjoy that more anyway. There's no accounting for people, Athena says. But then again, that's not entirely true either. It just depends on what you're trying to account. I think? I don't know. We've had a vocabulary fuse burst today, I think.

We've actually been dealing with the thesaurus a lot lately. Based on reports, apparently the word we use to the most excess in our translations is, in fact, "apparently." But from our own experiences of these past few days, we think it's either "actually," "suddenly," or "immediately." My first instinct is to say that it's not our fault if there are a million different words for "suddenly" in Japanese and only about three in English, but that's just laziness talking. But we're fixing it anyway! And hopefully it's actually working. (See how I used that "actually" there? Clearly it's a force of habit, and I guess our vocabularies (or at least mine) could stand some expanding.)

Okay, that's long enough. *grin*

Today I'm thankful for being done with work for the day, rerun season giving us more time for other forms of recreation (not that we have that many shows we watch, but still), the weather being cooler, having M&Ms for a nice quick chocolate fix, and Oreo's pink tummy.
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