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We finished work early today! Not only that, but we got more work done than expected, and we had time to write a column! And we still finished early! I suspect this is due in part to actually *gasp!* getting out of bed a little early. We were complaining about our Kingdom Hearts dilemma yesterday and Sarah's husband suggested getting up early so we'd have more time. And we were like, "Hey! That just might work!" And it did! I don't know if we'll keep it up, though. It all depends on how absorbed we get in Kingdom Hearts tonight.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure what else to talk about. Maybe that's fortunate for people who don't like reading long entries. But then it becomes unfortunate, because I end up rambling on and on and on about how I don't have anything to talk about, and that's probably repetitive and boring.

...and Wells Fargo just called offering their super awesome accident insurance again. It's actually really cheap and has good coverage, but I already have it twice (I really need to cancel the second one), so I wish they would stop trying to offer it to me. At one point they would give me the insurance spiel and I would say, "Yeah, I think I already have that," and they'd be like, "Are you sure? Because this one is all..." and I'm like, "I'm not interested. Sorry." They were just a little too persistent, so now, every time I hear them tell me that they want to thank me for being such a good patron of Wells Fargo, I interrupt with, "And you want to give me insurance for up to $100,000?" and they're like, "Yeah..." Only this time I got it wrong because it's been a while since they called, so I said a million dollars. Fail. And now Athena's pointing out that now I could be disappointed that it's only a hundred thousand. Hmmm...

Really I should just ask them to take my name off their list, but I keep having hope that they'll realize I'm already paying for that crazy thing. Ever the optimist, that's me!

Today I'm thankful for randomly being given something to talk about, finishing work early today, having lots of time for Kingdom Hearts, shiny packages from Play Asia that we might need to keep out of sight for a week or so, and helpful advice.
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