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Hm, today we were out later than we expected. Went to Mom's. Watched Ghost Town, which had some slow bits but was cute and had a good message. Kind of reminded me of Groundhog Day a little, even though the plot was so different. Similar themes, I guess. We had brownies with chocolate syrup and ice cream and peanuts for dessert, and that was very yummy. And then we came home and while we were checking e-mail and stuff, Oreo came up to us and started meowing like crazy, so Athena followed him to see what he wanted, and he just plopped down on the living room floor so she could pet him. Apparently he's missed us. Such a cute kitty. And so we're off to play with kitties.

Today I'm thankful for brownies with ice cream and chocolate syrup and peanuts, kitties wanting to spend time with us, getting compliments on our dresses at church today, the good message the bishop's wife gave, and finally talking to my visiting teaching companion.
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