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I remembered something I wanted to mention that we found out at Disneyland! We were just finishing riding Pirates of the Caribbean, and we were talking about something that caused us to mention Final Fantasy and their weapons or something? I don't remember exactly how the conversation went, but Gaston's brother's wife started talking about yeah, but in Final Fantasy, they have swords that are ten times as big as they are and crazy weapons like gunblades. And then her husband said that they actually did make swords like that. Gaston and his brother are both gun enthusiasts, and they're really into the history (or at least Gaston is) so they were able to explain that before rifles, guns really literally could not hit the broad side of a barn, so they always had to add something else to the weapon to make it more effective. And that's why they had bayonets and stuff. But anyway, gunblades like the one Squall uses really exist! Neat!

Last night we had a crazy intense thunderstorm. At first, it was just lightning flashing all over the place, so it was kind of neat to have a little light show to accompany our Kingdom Hearts playing. But then it got close enough for us to hear the thunder. And it was really close. The thunder was so powerful, it was making stuff rattle in our kitchen and setting off car alarms. It's funny to think about now, but while it was happening, it was pretty scary, especially because there was talk of tornado-type wind, and we could hear the wind howling around our apartment. But it was neat to have an adventure.

Let's see... Everything is so hard these days because it's not Kingdom Hearts. We made plans to see UP (apparently it's spelled in all caps), but we're like, "We don't have time to see UP! We need to beat Kingdom Hearts!" But we're going to see it in Disney Digital 3D (tm), so that's pretty exciting when we stop to think about it. Celeste called last night to see if she and her husband could take us to see it (because if they're nice enough to drive, we're nice enough to pay), but we'd already made arrangements for Han to drive us (I don't know if he and Leia will be watching it with us though), so I felt a little bad. More than once we've wanted to see a movie and not been able to because everyone who could drive us had already seen it. But for them, it's just a matter of giving up ice cream for a week or something, while for us, we really just wouldn't get to see it. So it's probably okay. At least, Celeste told me not to worry about it.

Today I'm thankful for surviving the thunderstorm, having plans to see UP, neat facts about gunblades, our order from Play-Asia being on its way as we speak, and making good time on the Kieli rewrite so we don't have to work overtime thus cutting in on our Kingdom Hearts time.
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