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Athena tried out our $3 pompom maker today, and now we have a really fun pompom that the cats are completely ignoring.

Ostensibly, we made really good progress translating today. But there were a lot of places where we didn't think it sounded quite right, and instead of stopping to work it out, we highlighted the lines and moved on. (Athena said, "I don't like having to stop and think about things. It makes me want to go play Kingdom Hearts.") So we might end up having more work to do when we go over it again, but for now, we got about sixty pages done. And, since we got those pages done so early, this translation isn't due for months, and AX is still coming closer, we decided to call it a day and do a tiny bit of work on costumes. And thus Lucca now has a pair of shorts, and it only took about forty minutes to make! Yay!

On Saturday, we watched the Saiyuki musical, and it was great fun. Though perhaps there was a little too much giggling where there wasn't meant to be any, and there were times when it seemed like maybe they hired the actors purely based on looks and not so much on talent. The songs were kind of weird, though. But they fit with all the Saiyuki image albums we have, so it wasn't like, "What's this song doing in Saiyuki?"

Let's see... Hakkai never smiled in any of the promotional pictures, which we thought was kind of wrong, since smiling is kind of his thing, but he did smile in the actual show, and it was adorable. Goku was made of cuteness. The same actor plays Inori in the Haruka stage shows, but for some reason he's just not as cute in that role. Maybe it's something about the bangs? He would have been even more cute if he hadn't been yelling so much, but I'm going to blame the director for that one. Sanzo and Gojyo were very nice to look at (when their hair wasn't covering their faces).

Unfortunately, Sanzo's party didn't seem to have as much fun stuff to do as, say, Kougaiji. Kougaiji was also made of cuteness, but it was a different kind. He had an entourage of dancing youkai, which was one of the biggest sources of giggling. But not so much as his attack ballet, Athena points out. But we're Princess Tutu fans, so we can appreciate attack ballet. Ni Jianyi, who was way more attractive than seems right, also had some fun dancing stuff, but he didn't get to be in it much, either. The story was mostly the flashback stuff from three years ago (volume five of the manga, episode 15 and 16 of the anime) and the Rikudo stuff. I really liked the guy they got to be Shuuei. I'm not sure I liked him so much as Rikudo, but Rikudo is dumb anyway. I think the biggest problem is that they seemed to try to imitate the manga and anime way too closely, right down to the nonlinear storytelling. Nonlinear storytelling is fine, but Saiyuki keeps jumping back and forth from one time to another. Plus, it's kind of like tracing a picture--it so rarely turns out as well as the original.

...and I just got interrupted and my train of thought has been completely derailed. A phone call and a knock on the door (that turned out to be our Web Design for Dummies book! Yay!).

Kanzeon Bosatsu and Jiro Shin have a fun song. Um... right. The storytelling made for not so much interaction between the four main characters, which was sad, because that's the whole reason we like Saiyuki. And so, we instead turn to the backstage bonus material, which had all kinds of fun things, like Goku taking over as Kougaiji and performing his whole song (with the entourage of dancing youkai). Somehow, all the singing sounded better backstage, too. Kind of like how Akram's song for Oborososhi sounds better on the CD than it does when he's on stage. Probably because he wasn't all tired when recording the CD. That doesn't explain the opening number for Saiyuki, though... Ah well. I still want to see the next one.

And I think that's all I had to talk about today. Today I'm thankful for pompom makers, having a chance to work on costumes today without infringing on our Kingdom Hearts time, creative uses for t-shirts, the For Dummies series, and Kougaiji's entourage of dancing youkai.
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