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Working today has been super hard. Every time any tiny little problem came up that made us stop and have to "think" about anything, we'd say, "That's enough. Let's go play Kingdom Hearts." But! we stayed strong, and we managed to work until our normal quitting time, just like we promised ourselves we would! Tadah!

But we still didn't work as long as normal. It being a day off, Mom decided it would be a great day to go fabric shopping, and she invited us to come along. With AX looming ever closer, we decided it would be a Very Bad Idea not to go, which ended up causing some complications with Athena's visiting teaching schedule, and things are still a little confusing in regards to that, but she'll work that out. And anyway, we went fabric shopping! And we got a really nice, soft white fabric for Marle's costume, but her outfit has that blue tint in the game, so I might have to dye it. They didn't have any fabric near the right kind of blue anyway, so I went with texture over color. It's so hard to find bright, happy light blues. They all seem kind of muted or grey these days. Boo.

Also, the perfect Host Club fabric was on a round thing in the front that said 50% off, so we decided to get some, even if we don't have time to make Hitachiin costumes for AX this year, because that fabric is expensive. And then when we got it cut, the lady said it wasn't on sale, and there was a long back and forth thing where we almost didn't get it, but then they gave it to us on sale anyway so we did. I still don't quite understand it myself, but we have material to make Ouran uniforms at whatever point we decide to do so.

After the fabric shopping, we went to Chick Fil-A, where they were having an event! But we ignored it because we're not big fans of chicken sandwiches, which is what they were giving away. But while we were eating, one of the employees came up with free mini-milkshakes! And! their mascot whose name I don't know also came by with free mints, which were just like the amazing ones we had at IHOP back when we went with Celeste and her husband, only this time they had Chick Fil-A wrappers instead of IHOP ones. We also had a discussion on chivalry, which led into a talk about pride. All I'm saying is, if you're going to make me go to the cash register to present my ID for the discount anyway, and I have the money to pay for the food, and I don't mind paying for everybody, just let me. Sheesh. (In regards to Sarah's boy being upset when I beat him to paying for funnel cake at Disneyland way back when (it's not like I think about it all the time; it just fit in with the conversation), but still "letting" me let him use my annual passholder discount.)

And then we came home and worked instead of going to see Star Trek, because we spent about $150 on a limited edition DS game that's coming out in a week, and we figured we shouldn't splurge so much after just buying a bunch of fabric too. And so we earned money instead of spending it! Yay!

And I think I said I would talk about the Saiyuki musical today, but then it turned out to be so eventful, and we still have to go to the 7-11 to buy milk and catfood, and we really just want to play Kingdom Hearts.

Today I'm thankful for the chocolate oatmeal cookies Mom and Steve gave us when we stopped by their house, getting lots of fabric to work with, mini-milkshakes, Oreo coming out of hiding long enough for us to give him his pill (we made the mistaking of getting dressed to go out first, so he probably suspected we were going to capture him and take him to the vet again), and water usually not getting in my lungs when I try to drink it.
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