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'Tis foolishness! If all were so easy, why, none would suffer in this world!

Athena had been wanting to start playing Final Fantasy IX or Chrono Trigger again for a couple of months. When our home teacher came by a couple of weeks ago and kept talking about how you need to find your voice and express yourself so that you don't explode, he ended up mostly bugging her about it, since I'm the keeper of the LiveJournal, and I sometimes play the piano when I'm stressed. She decided that a good way to express herself was to play video games where we get to read the parts out loud, because then you get to express various emotions without blowing up at anyone.

These darn PS2 games keep coming with all their pre-recorded dialogue, so they're no help at all (not that we'd mind so much if they weren't dubbed... so many pretty Japanese voices we're missing out on; at least we get Scott Menville and Haley Joel Osment). So despite our indecisiveness and fear of commitment, last Sunday (the one before yesterday) we finally decided that, for Sundays only (because we're still in the middle of Phantom Brave), we would play Final Fantasy IX. We chose FFIX because, since it's been so long since we've played Chrono Trigger, we thought it would be better to play it more than once a week.

And now we're in FFIX mode again! It's been slow going, because we're trying to make sure we don't miss anything. A lot of time has been spent playing Tetra Master (Athena's got a grudge against Aspiring Artist Michael), but Athena showed some great restraint in stopping Chocobo Hot & Cold when she did. So now, despite having played for something like ten or eleven hours, we've still only just beat Gizamaluke.

This time I decided that Cinna's a pirate. He's just the type of character you have to do a crazy voice for, and that's the best I can do.

And this is the first time I noticed (and remembered that I noticed) that when you re-equip Zidane with a dagger, only the one in his right hand changes. I'm disappointed in myself for not noticing sooner. But the discovery makes me happy, because it helps with the continuity of the story later on.

It's also the first time I figured out that Quina is Japanese for "eat it!" Quale is sort of Japanese for "able to eat," and Quan is Japanese for "will not eat," which really explains so much. For example, now we know why the makers of the game had to make sure they weren't natives of Japanese, because if their parents had known, Quan would never have been named Quan.

So all this Final Fantasy IX is making me want to do some form of fanart, but cosplay doesn't seem like it would be enough. Last summer when we were playing through with our white mage friend Ginger, we had grand plans to fill in the blanks of "I Want to be Your Canary," and cosplay Tantalus and perform it, but our motivation wasn't quite enough (there was a lot of other stuff going on). We also wanted to get a really hot guy to be Lowell so we could put on "Moogle Wannabe 2" and "I Wish I was a Chocobo." Maybe some day... when we have nothing to do...
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