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Blessings mixed and otherwise

In contrast to last week's mass of scary and stressful events, this week has already had a bunch of really good stuff. Of course, after all the scary stuff last week, my state of mind is such that I tend to worry if it's a trap, but they say the blessings come after the trial, so I'm going to be optimistic.

Sadly, the first thing that happened is something I'm not entirely sure I'm allowed to talk about, so I'm not going to say what it is, but I will assure you that it's very exciting. It also promises to result in a lot of time-consuming activity, so it's a mixed blessing, but it all worked out, because! one of the other good things that happened today was that we e-mailed our boss at CMX, because we realized that since they were asking for summaries, they might need scripts soon. Also, after the blunder we made with March on Earth 2, we realized that if we don't have a deadline for something, there's a possibility we'll forget it exists.

As it turned out, they don't need the scripts any time soon, and our boss was kind enough to explain why they need the summaries so far in advance (something to do with the catalog process). This is also a mixed blessing, because no work means more time, but also less money. That wouldn't be so scary if we weren't planning for two conventions, but again, we're going to be optimistic. Also, our boss says that once we have a contract, we can turn a script in any time, so it's really not a big deal.

Our other mixed blessing is that they're fixing our air conditioner. This is only mixed because it's not fixed yet. We've had a heat wave these past couple of days, so not having an air conditioner is bad. Yesterday, the apartment got up to 93 degrees Fahrenheit. Of course, it wasn't until after that that we thought to check Oreo's medicine to see if there were any special storage instructions and learned that one of the drugs he's on says to keep in a dry, cool place no more than 77 degrees. 93 is a little more than that. So we panicked, and fortunately baranoneko was online and able to tell us that the medicine probably didn't turn into poison. Apparently that kind of medicine (especially the liquid kind; fortunately, we have pills) needs to be kept cool or it will lose its efficacy. Hopefully it didn't lose it too bad.

Anyway, they came and worked on our air conditioner, but they realized they were missing a part and said they'd come back at six. We don't blame them for waiting--we don't want them to get heat stroke. One of the reasons I hate having to get our AC fixed is that it requires other people to be outside where it's even hotter. And of course we never think to report it in the time between heat waves.

Also today, Comcast called. We don't know if they were demanding their stuff or not, because I beat her to the question! Ha! And she said they could send somebody to pick it up for us! Yay!

And finally, we got our package from CD Japan today, and we didn't have to go to the post office to do it! Yay!

Today I'm thankful for the e-mail we got this morning, getting our package without having to go to the post office, our shiny package being here, having a bit more of a schedule, and Negima!? neo not being as hard as Negima! proper and Gakuen Alice.
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