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I'm not sure what I want to update about exactly. Um... let's see. Yesterday, our plans got all switched around and stuff, which usually means we end up sitting around trying to figure out what to do instead, because we didn't have as much time as we wanted to do the first thing so we don't want to do it at all anymore. And we end up being very indecisive and settling on something completely random. In this case, it was "Who Wants To Be A Superhero?"

We were really obsessed with the show Back in the Day, so I'm sure we've talked about it a lot, but it's been like three years, so I think it's okay to talk about it again without redundancy. Basically, they held auditions at San Diego Comic Con for a reality show where people invented their own superheroes, and presented themselves to Stan Lee, and the best ones were chosen to compete for the prize of "immortality," meaning their character would be in a comic book written by Stan Lee. It sounds like a parody show at first, but watching it is like whoa. They have all these challenges for the superheroes, and... I want to describe them, but that kind of gives them away. Basically, they're being judged on things like compassion, integrity, honesty, courage...

Like there was one challenge where they had to "help a lady get into her house," because she locked herself out, and they have to go around to the back and cut across her backyard to get inside, only her backyard has two trained attack dogs. They had them all suit up with protective gear and everything, and the contestants all had to try to make it to the door, but if the dogs proved to be too much for them, they could call uncle at any time, and the dogs, who were actually quite adorable, would leave. Most of the guys were big and muscular, so they all made it to the door (except for the one guy, but he was being dumb), but the girls didn't have as much muscle mass, so they mostly got knocked down. But there was one girl who kept going for like ten minutes, as the dogs kept trying to drag her all over the place, and she finally made it to the door. And since all the other contestants either made it or gave up in less than a minute, it was really impressive.

On the other hand, it might seem kind of silly to go through all that just for this silly reality show, where most people think of the contestants as geeks in costumes who aren't worth the time of day. But the idea is to be a superhero, and superheroes do their best like that. I think that a lot of people just think of superheroes as just things to entertain geeks, but all the good ones represent a lot of values that more people should try to have. So we think it's a good show that's really thought-provoking and inspiring. Even if they are all wearing silly costumes.

Today I'm thankful for having "Who Wants To Be A Superhero?" on DVD, getting to watch Sleeping Beauty with Mom and Sarah today, the high for tomorrow being predicted at less than a hundred degrees, cool refreshments, and behind the scenes featurettes.
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