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New Saiyuki stuff

Hey, I have stuff to talk about! Sort of. First of all, Kazuya Minekura was talking on her blog about the end of Saiyuki Gaiden (all she said was that the issue of Ward containing the last chapter is out, but it's not over until the graphic novel is published), and went on to say that, since she's done with that, now she's going to work on Saiyuki Ibun. ("Ibun," incidentally, is another word for "gaiden." But based on our quick look up right now, it looks like a gaiden is generally an addendum, while an ibun is another story entirely, but they're pretty much the same.) Saiyuki Ibun, for those of you, like us, who have not read Saiyubito (we have it, and yet we just haven't read it, despite the few snippets we have read being pure awesome), is going to be about young Koumyou! That sounds pretty neat, so we're really excited about it. Minekura-sensei says it's going to be a battle manga that reeks of masculinity.

And talking about that had us wondering, hey, what's up with Bus Gamer? So we checked the Rex website, and it's still going on! Yay! That's a a relief.

So we were watching Shugo Chara!, and there's this one episode where all the kids are going around quoting this super popular gag manga, and one of the characters is getting really annoyed because they're doing it wrong, and she starts talking to herself and says, "Gag wa asobi ja nai!" And they translated it as "gags are no laughing matter," which clearly indicates that the translators have no idea what it's like to be a perfectionist (she says, and then goes to add the exclamation point after the title of the show, since she forgot). The literal translation would be "gags are not a game!" (perhaps "gags are not to be taken lightly!" would be better) which of course loses some of the irony of "laughing matter," but has the more important benefit of being what she actually said. Obviously, someone who is so particular about gags and how they are to be told would be thinking of them as things designed to make people laugh, and would be thinking about the best way to get the greatest laugh, which means she obviously knows that they are a laughing matter. She's not dumb; just crazy.

It reminds me of when a certain DN Angel translation had Emiko telling Daisuke to look sharp even when falling "like a clown." Emiko would never condone falling "like a clown" for someone who's supposed to be as kakko ii as the legendary master thief Dark Mousy. ...and the "Mousy" really does take away from the effect some, doesn't it? But actually, we think we know where that came from, too. One time, we were noticing that kaitou show up in anime and manga a lot, so we asked Clay if there was some basis, like if maybe they were like ninja or something. He said not really, but there is a legend about a kaitou in the Edo era who was kind of like Robin Hood, and his name was Nezumi Kozou, which means "mouse kid." Hence, Dark Mousy, who also apparently started existing around the Edo period, according to certain dialogue in some of the earlier volumes, but based on his origin story you get later on, it seems kinda iffy. Of course, the more DN Angel goes on, the less it takes place in Japan, and the more it takes place in some fantasy world that's kind of like Japan and kind of like... Europe? Right, Athena's reminding me that they specifically said Europe when talking about doing the background for the anime.

This geek out brought to you by the letter D, and the number 32.

Today I'm thankful for our CD Japan package having cleared customs (it feels like we've been tracking it for days! I guess that's 'cause we have), shiny new Saiyuki serieses, laundry not being as hard as it seems, the valiant efforts of our air conditioner (it feels like we have to report it every time the season changes), and typos in the word "Cinderella" leading to ideas about crazy stories involving Final Fantasy airship captains/engineers.
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