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Return of the Kitty

Oreo's back! We didn't get any special instructions when we picked him up, so at least we don't think there's anything pressing we need to deal with. We did get a diagnosis sheet reminding us that he really really needs to get his teeth cleaned, and also diagnosing him as overweight, which we kind of already knew but now we can get the vet to tell us what to do about that. Or we can when we go back for his illness recheck on Wednesday. Anyway, everything else on their checklist thingie was really good. So for now, it seems like everything's pretty good. I'll probably start worrying a lot more as Wednesday approaches. In the meantime, Oreo still seems a little disoriented from being drugged all day, poor guy.

I don't know whether or not people are tired of hearing about Oreo, but there's really not much else going on (except for the maintenance people coming to replace the fluorescent lights in our kitchen, but that was completely uneventful), so I'm going to keep talking about him.

When the doctor suggested the procedure, the only thing that really worried me about it was the cost. I was actually pretty relieved about the idea, because Oreo had only been home for a day, so we were still getting over the stress and not yet used to giving Oreo all his medicine, or keeping Mimsy away from his special food, so the idea of dropping him off at the vet, where there would be lots of people who knew exactly what to do to take care of him, sounded like a load off of our shoulders. But as the day got closer (like a day and a half after he called), all the little fears crept in, especially because he seemed so much better--why take him in and mess with his insides now? By the time we dropped him off, we were pretty freaked out. It probably didn't help that we were up so early.

The drop off time at Banfield is between seven and eight thirty. We still don't know if that means actually seven-thirty and eight-thirty, or seven o'clock and eight-thirty, but either way, our alarm is usually set for eight-thirty, and we tend to hit snooze about three times. So we had to get up about two hours early to get Oreo to the vet. On the bright side, it was a little more convenient for Mom, because then she would just be finishing with seminary and she wouldn't have to interrupt the flow of work to drive us all over town. Also on the bright side, because she was getting home from seminary on a Friday, she had donuts, and we got to take the leftovers, and for the first time in like forever, I was able to enjoy a maple donut.

After we dropped Oreo off, we were feeling a little bit better, but still not completely unworried. We'd been pretty good about not thinking about it during work, but there were times when the nerves came back. Like when I was trying to type "does" and I accidentally typed "dies" instead. I was like, "Oh no, what if Oreo died during the procedure!?" even though I'm pretty sure it was just another (fancier somehow) ultrasound. But like I said, the checklist thingie they had was mostly good, and they didn't give us any special instructions, and the one nurse said he was really good again today, so pretty much we're all good. At least until Wednesday. But we're feeling pretty good about that, too.

Today I'm thankful for getting Oreo back in one piece, getting leftover seminary donuts, having treats for Mimsy (now to figure out how to give them to her without Oreo stealing them...), getting stuff put in the mail, and getting more than fifty pages translated today.
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