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Vetrinary adventures

So. We're actually updating from Mom's house today, for a very important reason. Oreo hadn't been eating for a day or two, and we thought it was nausea like the one time he hadn't been eating, so we were keeping an eye on him, and offering him milk when he would look hungrily at his food but still not eat it. Then last night, during Castle, I heard the familiar sound of hacking.

I was already nervous for Oreo's sake, so as soon as the commercial came along (there wouldn't have been anything we could have done even if I had checked those couple of minutes sooner), I went to go see if I had really heard what I thought I'd heard. And I had. The good news: it wasn't red. The bad news: it was green. And there was nothing green around that Oreo could have been eating, so we figured this was a problem.

We spent the next segment of Castle freaking the heck out, and at the next commercial, when we could think more clearly (for we are very bad multi-taskers), we realized that the vet wouldn't be open right now anyway, but we called Mom to secure ourselves a ride to the vet this morning. We managed to calm ourselves down enough to get a decent night's sleep (thanks in large part to prayer), and at 9:02 I called the vet to make an appointment. (I didn't want to call exactly when they opened, because that seemed weird somehow.)

We learned from the last time Oreo had an emergency that sometimes, especially when he hasn't been eating and therefore needs an IV, they keep him for several hours, and when that happens, it's easier for Mom if we can hang out at her house inbetween trips back. Thus we came prepared with our laptop and were able to get some work done while Oreo was getting intravenous nourishment and the vetrinarians were doing all the tests.

The vet said there was likely to be some bladder blockage, and warned us that if cats don't eat, they can start having liver failure after as few as 24 hours. This was a small cause for alarm, because Oreo hadn't been able to keep anything down for a couple of days.

So while we were here at Mom's working, the vet called and said she had some good news, some confusing news, and some potentially bad news. The good news was that there was no blockage. The confusing news was that the x-ray showed something that may or may not be wrong with his liver, but his bloodwork indicated that everything was fine, except for something about there being some yellowness in something something. That was the confusing part for me, a layman, but I think the confusing part for the vet was that the bloodwork was fine but maybe not. Anyway, I think the bad news was that in order to find out for sure what was going on, they wanted to give Oreo an ultrasound, which means taking him to the other Banfield downtown, and also means paying a lot more money. We opted for peace of mind and Oreo's health over money.

So off we went to pick Oreo up and take him to the other vet's office, where the doctor had a fancy accent. I think it was Australian, but I am by no means an expert on dialects. Oreo's still there right now, and we'll be picking him up sometime later, when they're done. The doctor couldn't give us a time frame except for definitely before 6:30 (which is when they want all the pets to have been picked up, since the office actually closes at 6:00).

And those were our adventures for the day. We think it's the stress that has my cold (which was so close to being healed) relapsing, but it's just a cold; I can deal with it.

Today I'm thankful for discovering this on the day before the vet's office opened for the week as opposed to the day before it closed for the weekend, very friendly and caring veterinarians and nurses, fancy accents, e-mails from our friend in Japan saying we should be getting a certain DVD soon, and Mom being kind enough to take so much time out of her day to drive all over town for vetrinary treatment type thingies.
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