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We still don't have a "rambling" icon

I'm not sure what to update about today. Athena suggests "stuff." I think that might be a little vague. Okay, not "vague" so much as... well, in our universe "stuff" is by definition indefinite. So how do you talk about something that is specifically undefined? You have no idea what it is you're talking about (No concrete idea, Athena clarifies), and... well, it's kind of like trying to grab water. Or something.

Today was back to normal... er, mostly normal. We had to go and get a little "debate-y" about the definition of flat characters and whether or not certain characters fall into it (and that statement has now brought up a brief discussion of whether you fall "into" a definition or "under" it; I decided "into" is fine for now, whether it's correct or not, because I don't want to look it up, and it's okay because this is our blog and not official), and that took some extra time. I think we made up for it though! thanks in large part to them finally finishing Explaining everything in Gakuen Alice and moving onto stuff Happening. We really like Gakuen Alice and Negima!, but they both have the enormous problem of constantly introducing new elements that need Explaining. And thus the pages get packed with text.

And that sentence completely strayed from where it was originally headed. I wanted to say, "Today was back to normal, which is good because that contest was wreaking havoc with our schedule," or something along those lines. I'm really glad we entered, but it's also kind of daunting, because on the one hand, we reeeeeeeeeally want to win. And on the other hand, if we do win, we get to do a bunch more subtitling, which will take a bunch more time, which we're under the illusion of not having. This illusion tends to happen a lot when we're working on Negima! or Gakuen Alice. But it's also good to be really busy, because it means we can afford things like DVDs of Haruka stage shows (we ordered Oborosoushi last night and we're super excited!!!). On the other hand, too much busy means no time to enjoy said things. Ah well, eventually we'll get to everything.

That being said, we're behind on our new FullMetal Alchemist series viewing, so I think I'll wrap this up.

Today I'm thankful for stuff Happening in Gakuen Alice, having a chance to read manga while we wait for FMA episodes to load, definitions, being busy but not too busy, and Stuff.
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