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Mission accomplished(?)

It's done. We have turned in our entry to the Crunchyroll translation contest. (Incidentally, in case we have any aspiring translator friends out there, all the information for the contest can be found here!)

It took us longer to turn in our entry than expected, because as we were checking the rules one last time to make sure everything was in order, we came up with A Question. So we had to e-mail and ask the question, which of course required waiting for a response. We didn't have to wait too long though, and the response we got said that the responder had found our blog and was looking forward to our entry! *gasp!* So on the one hand, that's a really good sign, but on the other hand, it means added pressure. But we're confident in our work, so we're not any more worried than we normally would be about something like this. Which actually isn't much. We're getting better at taking life easy.

As long as we don't have to Go anywhere. We decided after our trip to Minnesota (which was in fact awesome) that, while we don't mind Being places, we definitely mind Going to them. That whole process of Going. If it takes longer than two and a half hours, it's just not good. (Two hours is a number we went with based on our attention span for movies.)

Anyway. What else was I going to talk about? I'm not entirely sure there was anything. But there was one thing in the thing we translated for the contest. It's basically Osamu Tezuka introducing this new series, and he says they hope to make it one the whole family can enjoy, and that's how we realized why we keep having this idea that people seem to look down on animation. The term "family entertainment" seems to have disappeared somewhere. We have entertainment for kids and entertainment for grownups, and it kind of feels like once you hit the grownup group, it's just Not Cool to look back. And that's just sad, because a lot of the time, the "kids'" shows are waaaaay better.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our contest entry, getting a decent amount of work done on Gakuen Alice despite our late start, family entertainment, Narumi-sensei, and being able to read kanji.
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