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Bad timing

Today is the day we discovered that timing subtitles is not one of our favorite things to do. It's not terrible, really, but it takes so much time! We've spent so much time on this test thing, and it's less than nine minutes long! If we were doing only the translating on regular anime episodes, we should have at least two full episodes done by now. ...Maybe. It depends on the difficulty level of the dialogue. So basically what I'm saying is that we feel like translating alone is a more productive use of our time. If someone else was doing the timing, there could be multitasking, and we'd be done that much quicker! Come to think of it, there are two of us... Hmm...

So anyway, if we do win this contest, we just hope they'll have someone else do the timing (the rules specifically stated that they are not judging based on timing or typesetting).

Changing the subject, they're having the college tournament on Jeopardy! this week, and every time they have the college tournament, they decorate the set with a bunch of college type things, including a replica of Rodin's statue, The Thinker. On Monday, Trebek made sure to point out that, in order to be "more modern," they gave the statue a tattoo. That made us roll our eyes, because as self-proclaimed geeks, we still believe that having a tattoo is not a requirement in geekdom. But then they finally showed the statue from an angle where we could read the tattoo, and on its arm, it says, "Therefore I Am." And so we had to admit that it was clever enough to be allowed. Ah, geek humor.

Yesterday was full of lots of fun packages. First, we got our package from CMX, which meant manga fun time! Yay! And then, since CMX was the only one using a different shipping company, we got our package from Kinokuniya and a surprise! package from Del Rey. Inside were our comp copies of the first volume of Negima! that we translated! I wanted to mention it because it's very exciting, but I guess it's kind of hard to explain why without being repetitive. Ah well, repetition it is! (Athena: It is the key to learning, after all.) Negima! is Del Rey's most popular title, and they let us start translating it after they'd seen what our translations are like. And that means they liked what they saw, and so getting to translate Negima! made us really feel like we've made it as translators. So now that we have our comp copies, it's like reinforcement of that idea, and it makes us happy.

It's kind of interesting that we got the books the day we started working on this contest thing. Kind of like getting proof we've made it to one step just as we're working on getting to the next one.

Today I'm thankful for getting lots of shiny manga, geek humor, learning how to time subtitles (although I'm sure there must be some trick to it that we're missing...), the scary spider in the bathroom not being a black widow, and having pretzel crackers for future consumption.
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