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I don't understand things most of the time. I think I might be in trouble tomorrow, because I walked away when Steve was trying to talk to me. See, Mom came over to drop off some cooking implements so Athena could make peanut butter squares for her, although the main reason we had asked her to come over was so she could co-sign our renewed lease. She dropped off the stuff and then asked us if we wanted to go to CostCo, as her husband was waiting in the car. We didn't really want to, but I thought there might be some benefit of going, like food or something, so we went.

We didn't buy anything, because there was no mention of Steve letting us use his membership, and we don't have one of our own. We did look at a bunch of books. Really, we don't have any money to spare on non-food/rent/bill items, but we're masochists who like window-shopping. They had these pretty hardback special-edition American Girl books, and we wanted all of them. And then we decided we wanted to see all the covers, so we fished through every single book, but there was no Addy or Josefina. We wonder if this is due to racism. They did have Kaya, who is Native American, but I suspect this is because she's newest (I'm not sure if she was introduced befor or after Kit, though; we haven't read any of the books that came out after Addy's Surprise).

So anyway, as we were getting out of the car, Athena says to Mom that we will need her to come sign the lease. I suppose we could have saved a lot of trouble if we had brought it up before we went to CostCo. But they were leaving, so we didn't press the issue; Athena just wanted to remind Mom. So as we're walking away from the car, Steve calls out to me, probably trying to address the one of us who has spoken to Mom. Then he asked if Mom really needs to sign the lease, because we have an eight month history with them and stuff. And we said that all we knew was that when we asked the manager if we needed to get Mom to come sign it, she said yes. And so Steve says that they shouldn't have to sign the lease because we have a history, as if we didn't hear him the first time. So I repeated that we didn't know.

And because he kept talking in circles on top of acting like he had anything to do with it (Mom is our co-signer, not him), I lost interest, so I walked away. I really wasn't angry or fed up or anything; I'd just lost interest. Still, it probably was wrong of me to walk away like that. Oh well.
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