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It's all Greek to me.

Today has been almost entirely uneventful, but I guess that can be considered a good thing. I also guess the day might be considered slightly eventful if you count taking an hour trying to figure out how to spell the Greek words for this one spell Asuna was using in Negima!. When we got to that part in the book, we immediately checked the back to see if it was in the lexicon, because that would give us a translation, which would help us figure out the Greek words we needed, but it wasn't there. So we figured in that case, it must be in the style guide, so we checked the style guide, and it wasn't there either. We only have ourselves to blame for that one, as we're the ones who made the style guide.

So anyway, we searched like a million things and finally found out that it had been used back in volume sixteen, so we checked there, and that actually didn't help much either. Finally we came up with the brilliant idea of guessing the Greek spellings and then googling them to see if they were real words (based on how many hits we got). Because if something is conjugated or pluralized or changed in any way, it's really hard to find in a dictionary. But when we found out the right words, we looked them up in our one online Greek dictionary and discovered they weren't there anyway. It's looking like we're going to need to get ourselves a decent Greek-English dictionary. And a beginning Greek book. A Greek-Japanese dictionary probably wouldn't be a bad thing, either.

Incidentally, Greek lower case letters are very very pretty.

And... that's about all that happened today. That and we ordered some manga from Kinokuniya. Host Club 14 and Banchou-sama 5, and we got an e-mail saying they'd ship them today! Yay! Of course, we're going to have to make another order in a couple of weeks when VB Rose 14 and Hoshi wa Utau...5? (whatever the new one's going to be) come out. But we also ordered the first three volumes of Skip Beat!, for which we're very excited. We're also especially excited about Host Club, because that's what we decided to watch last night to cheer up, so we're in a little bit of a Host Club mood♥

Today I'm thankful for finally figuring out that spell, the Greek alphabet, those Take 5 bars we just ate (we miss them already), getting to watch Castle tonight, and Kinokuniya's super efficiency.
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