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Celebrate! part 2

I'm not sure how to start this entry again, so I'll just jump right into it.

Nothing really out of the ordinary happened right after It's a Small World, so I'll just skip to lunchtime. We found ourselves eating at Tomorrowland Terrace, and as it just so happened, they started another session of the Jedi Training Academy while we were there. I know I've talked about the Jedi Training Academy before, but here's a recap just in case. Basically a Jedi master comes out and calls a bunch of little kids on the stage to be padowans, they learn a lightsaber routine, and then they get to fight Darth Vader. It is made of adorable and the Force. And they give each of the kids a little Jedi robe to wear, and that's what was so dangerous.

One of the kids that got picked as a padowan was a tiny little girl wearing a sparkly little Minnie Mouse dress, kind of like the princess costumes you see little girls wearing all over the park, only more originalish or something. Anyway, it was sparkly and cute. And they put the Jedi robe over it and it was one of the adorablest things I've ever seen. So, in preparation for my delighted squee, I gasped! ...and inhaled a piece of french fry, nearly choking myself. And thus we learn that cuteness can, in fact, be lethal. And then she was completely not playing along with the whole Jedi thing which was kind of sad and made it not worth choking on the french fry as much. But it was very very cute at first.

The other main thing worth talking about was the parade. This time, they have more of a party type parade, which means instead of having a bunch of floats cramming as many characters in as possible, they chose only a few characters and have only three floats, which will go a little ways down the parade route and stop to host a little dance party type thing. This year, Disneyland's whole theme is "celebrate," so it's very fitting. And it seems like every day they find something to be celebrating, to go with all the birthdays, anniversaries, family vacations, etc. that not all the guests will be celebrating. Our birthday happens to be the anniversary of when Louisiana became a state.

The only problem with it was that there was so much going on, even with only a few characters, that it was hard to decide what to look at. They have a bunch of dancers wearing costumes in our favorite color (sparkle), and of course the Disney characters are dancing too. We happened to be standing where the float carrying Peter Pan and Wendy stopped. As it passed by, we shouted, "We love you Peter!" and he heard us and waved excitedly♥ (Good thing Tinkerbell wasn't there.) When the floats stop, first they have the jazz/swing part of the party, so we got to see Peter and Wendy swing dancing together and it was sooooooo cute! Then they moved on to the rock and roll part, there was a part where we did the twist at one point, and then they finished it up with Latin music so they could make a big conga line. Unfortunately, the audience wasn't very excited today, so the conga line didn't look all that happy. That probably had a little bit to do with the parade being in the evening, but they have to have the parade in the evening or all the dancers will die of heatstroke.

We wanted to join the conga line, too, but there was a wall of little kids preventing us from getting out onto the street. We probably could have just stepped over them (our legs are long enough and they were tiny enough), but that just didn't seem like a good idea. But that's okay, because Mickey and Minnie came over from their other float to dance in our area, and getting to see Mickey and Peter was enough to make me happy. And Mickey was wearing a hoodie in our favorite color! (Incidentally, Wendy's costume was made out of satin, which was a little too stiff looking; they should have used something more flowy, but she was still cute.) And when the floats drove off after the party, Peter Pan remembered us and turned back to blow us kisses♥

After the parade, we caught one more ride, got some ice cream, did some shopping (while Han and Leia got an extension on their admission so they could come back sometime within the next 30 days with the money to upgrade to annual passes) (but we didn't buy anything), and then we made the loooooooong trek home. When we got here, we discovered that our home teachers had dropped by with a birthday present, which they left at our door (and fortunately, it didn't get stolen). We were sad we weren't there to accept it in person, but it was very nice of them. We didn't open it until after breakfast the next day, because we were exhausted (I tried to come up with a clever metaphor to describe just how exhausted we were, but the creative juices aren't flowing), but when we finally did, we discovered a very very pretty fan that was also giant. It had black fabric painted with gold plant things and a full moon. I told Celeste about it this morning, and she volunteered her husband to help us figure out how to mount it on the wall. Of course, that requires us to figure out which wall we want to mount it on. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it, I guess.

And then yesterday, we got the best birthday present in the form of nothing to do with our actual birthday. CMX e-mailed saying they'll need summaries soon, which means they'll be sending us the continuations of a couple serieseses, one of which we have been waiting a veeeeeerrry long time to read. So that's very exciting, but I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to talk about it, so I remain cryptic for now. Though it's probably fine to say what they are, since both of those titles are in current release. Ah well, it can be fun to be mysterious.

Today I'm thankful for having more pretzel crackers, making it back safely from Disneyland (we're pretty sure neither of us contracted the swine flu), finally finally finally getting to read volume nine, Peter Pan and Wendy swing dancing (they didn't do any of the fancy moves the dancer dancers were doing, but it was still adorable), and dancers from the parade wishing us a happy birthday.

Oh that's another thing that was unusual! Since they have the "get in free on your birthday" thing, more people are going around wearing the buttons that say it's your birthday, so we saw a ton of people who have the same birthday as us. We always knew it was a popular birthday (it is the best day of the year *grin*), but most of the other people we knew with our birthday were female, so it was interesting to see how many guys share our birthday. It was also weird to have so many people have our birthday in the same place. It kind of takes away the specialness, only not somehow. It's hard to explain.
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