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Today has been a day of turmoil. Well, actually mostly work, but in between work, turmoil. See, as we've been telling everyone anytime they say, "Oh, if only I could go to Disneyland," or, y'know, times when they don't say that, too, this year, you get into Disneyland free on your birthday. Of course we're going to be taking advantage of that, but we have annual passports. We get in free (technically) anyway. So instead, we get gift cards worth the price of admission, or, if we so choose, a free one-day pass to use any time until our next birthday. In other words, we are in a unique position to potentially (probably) get someone else in on our birthday.

As I mentioned on Monday, the Disneyland associate of ours who will be driving us down there had a pass, but it has expired. He hasn't renewed it yet because, well, it's expensive. And because he doesn't want to only renew his pass, he also wants to buy a pass for his fiancee, who recently got back from her mission. But as of right now, he doesn't have the money for that, which is why he would instead be going to Universal Studios.

Unfortunately, the two of us are more selfish than we may sometimes appear. We want to keep our birthday presents to use on ourselves! Not that we ever really buy any merchandise at Disneyland anyway, but if we have free money, then we totally might! And... it's our birthday money. Of course, we can do whatever we want with our birthday money, including create happy memories with friends by getting them into Disneyland too (though we have been jaded into thinking that could be quite worthless), but we never get any birthday presents any more, so we kind of want to be able to present ourselves with shiny Disneyland merchandise.

Still, we keep remembering that it's best not to think of yourself too much, so we couldn't just drop the idea. We decided it would be best to include the people involved in the decision making process, or at least get their opinion, so I called our associate and he said he'd feel bad making us use our birthday present on them, so he wouldn't be angry regardless of what we choose. It was after I hung up that I realized that pointing out the possibility might get hopes up. D'oh. And also "Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!"

But we would have felt bad if we hadn't at least made the offer. It would have been too sneaky. This way, even if we do make the selfish decision, at least we'd be open about it.

So we're still undecided. It's true that we want shiny birthday gift cards, but it's also true that if we can get them into the park for one day, our associate can afford the upgrade to annual passes, thus securing us transportation for future trips. And... I think I had something else to say but I can't remember it. I'm too conflicted to remember things.

Oh right. Now I remember. The other idea we had was to just pay for their admission with regular old money, and then we'd have the birthday gift cards to ourselves still. Because it's really the symbol of the gift card that matters the most. Then the admission could be our wedding present! Or something? I'm sure we'll work it all out on the looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong drive down there.

Today I'm thankful for trying out Pizza Hut's PANormous pizza (not as enormous as I had hoped, but about as big as I expected, which was plenty big enough), Celeste being nice enough to take us to the bank, getting to go to Disneyland tomorrow, birthday presents from Disneyland, and doing laundry so we can wear our pretty new Disneyland shirts we bought in January.
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