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Hypochondria is a fun word.

Last night was a night of hypochondria. We were watching TV and the commercials for the news would be about the swine flu, and then there was a commercial for Oprah that said she'd be talking to somebody about a flesh-eating bacteria, and then something about superbugs (as in sickness type bugs) or something, and it was all like, "Aaaaaahhhhh!!!"

I tend to come up with crazy scenarios in my head. Like what if somebody has it at Universal Studios on Thursday and our Disneyland associate gets exposed all because he was nice enough to drive us to Disneyland for our birthday!? Aaaaaahhhhh!!! Of course, the idea that somebody has it at Disneyland and we get exposed has crossed my mind, but for some reason seemed less plausible. Unless I was thinking about responding to the e-mail from Clay (that he sent several weeks ago; eheh) that specifically tells me to be careful not to get sick, and here I was about to march right into a public place after the outbreak of a new flu virus.

Fortunately, after talking about the various scenarios, for some reason they all seem a lot less scary, especially since we read an article about the swine flu this morning that helped calm us down a lot. So we're doing much better now. Instead, we just get amused. My arm suddenly felt bruised for some reason. I really have no idea why (Athena suggests anemia), and it doesn't hurt anymore, but I was like, "Unexplained soreness? Oh no! Good thing it's not joint pain, which they say is a symptom of swine flu. Oh no! My thumb knuckle is hurting! Aaaaaaaahhhh!!!"

In less illness-related news, we finally realized why the mayor in Castle looks so familiar. He was on an episode last week? or two weeks ago? and we were like, "Man, he looks so familiar!" and we started flipping through all our mental actor profile thingies to match him up, but it didn't work because he was never onscreen long enough. But then they were playing poker with him last night, and the word, "Martin," came out of Athena's mouth, and immediately I knew it was Martin from the Cosby Show! And that was really weird because that was like twenty years ago, so he looks different. But his voice is exactly the same. (Speaking of voices, the judge guy is played by Dan Castellaneta, who's most famous for Homer Simpson, but we will always remember him as Megavolt in Darkwing Duck. He's also the Genie in all the Disney Aladdin stuff that doesn't have Robin Williams.)

Today I'm thankful for hand soap, recognizing the mayor, being able to laugh at myself, plans to try Pizza Hut's PANormous pizza tonight, and it being time to watch Shugo Chara!.
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