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It doesn't have to be too complicated.

Today has been a day of mystery and wonder. It started out with figuring out our transportation to Disneyland on Thursday. As it turns out, our Disneyland associate who promised to drive us down there regardless of whether or not he could afford to buy himself a new pass can't afford to buy himself a new pass. We felt really bad about making him drive all the way down there just to drop us off, which he promised to do without our prompting, so first I called Mom, who said she did in fact want to go with us.

Unfortunately, Mom still hasn't completely recovered from being sick back mid-April. She suspects it's the same sick she had back in mid-March and it just won't go away, which has her wondering if it's the swine flu that's been going around. My paranoia has me thinking things like, "Oh no! We've been exposed to Mom and now we're going to Disneyland where there will be lots of little children and we might be carriers! Aaaaaaaaahhhh!" But Athena has me thinking that that's not really likely at all. Logic doesn't always beat out paranoia, though, so I just remember my song from yesterday. Also, regardless of Mom's state of wellness, she has a tendency to be out and about anyway, which probably has a lot to do with why she's not fully recovered, but also means she might want to go to Disneyland anyway. But she's afraid to take time off work (which she did back when she was really sick), and so it's still undecided whether or not she's coming.

We were then annoyed because going to Disneyland should not be this complicated. We may seriously have to move down south.

So we called our associate and as it turns out, he can't afford a pass to Disneyland, but he does have a one-day pass to Universal Studios, which is much closer to Disneyland than to Fresno, so he wouldn't be bored all day, and he'd probably get to hang out with Gaston, and thus it all works out and we have a ride. We really do want Mom to come to Disneyland with us, though, since she hasn't been in so long. But Athena solved that problem just now by deciding that we'll just have to go again in May. Yay!

While all that was going on, we decided it might help to check the Disneyland calendar, and while at the Disneyland homepage, we discovered that they're doing Something to Fantasmic!. Something about "new water characters you'll recognize." Our first thought is Finding Nemo, which has us the opposite of pleased. Changing Fantasmic! just to add Pixar characters is Not Cool. But we're going to stay positive. There was one part that used to have a giant Ursula floating across the stage--maybe they did something with that. Because without it, the whole villain part does drag a little. At any rate, we're going to need to get to Disneyland sometime between June 12 and... we don't know; our passes expire before it ends.

And then we got a package from Yen Press! Yay! It had our comp copies of Higurashi 3 (actually Higurashi: Cotton Drifting Arc 1--one of our favorite arcs because of its wonderful illustration of how boys are stupid and girls are crazy) and Nabari no Ou 1! Those aren't coming out for another month! Wao!

Today I'm thankful for having a plan for getting to Disneyland on Thursday, our ride having something to do while not at Disneyland, strawberry/grape Slurpees, having lots of fun things to do now that work is done, and having our bucket of cookie dough back.
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