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In our world, our birthday is a week long.

A long, long time ago, we were playing an LDS trivia game, and one of the questions (I think it was for Primary kids) was "How do we know Heavenly Father loves us?" It was multiple choice, but because it was so long ago, we only remember two of the choices. The first one we remember was something like "He sent His Son to Atone for our sins," which we remember because it was the "correct" answer. Then there was something like, "He made the earth," which we're not sure was actually one of the choices, but it was definitely similar. And the third one was, "He sends us a card on our birthday," which is the one we remember best, because it's the one we got mocked for.

And why did we get mocked for it? Because we said that the answer should have been all of the above, and a certain someone thought the idea of God sending us birthday cards was ludicrous. We stuck by it though, because we tend to always have beautiful weather on our birthday, and we think that's just as good as, if not better than, a card.

When we got to church today, I noticed that there was no one on the stand in the speakers' seats, which I thought was a bit odd, because last we checked, it wasn't Fast Sunday, which is when we have everybody get up and bear their testimonies instead of having speakers. I thought maybe the speakers were passing the sacrament, and so not on the stand, but that turned out not to be the case.

What did turn out to be the case was that we were having a special kind of testimony meeting. Instead of getting up and bearing testimony the regular way, everyone was invited to get up and choose a hymn that meant a lot to them, and the whole congregation would sing one verse of that hymn. It was the bestest sacrament meeting ever. And! it happened the Sunday before our birthday. Sure, it could just be a coincidence, but the Bishop said he had been planning this for eight months, and one of the counselors said they wanted to do it sooner, but it kept getting pushed back for one reason or another. Until! the Sunday before our birthday. And not only that! This was also the Sunday when we happened to have two guys sitting behind us singing the tenor part. That doesn't happen every week, and that's quite a lot of awesome "coincidences" for one Sunday.

A few of the guys who got up to introduce a hymn said that they had received promptings about choosing a hymn... earlier in the week in the form of the Bishop saying, "Hey, pick a hymn for Sunday." I should have gotten up to introduce a hymn, too, because I actually had a prompting about a hymn this week, too, only not from the Bishop. So instead, I'll just introduce it here.

Sometimes, when I'm stressing out about random things, like whether or not we need to take the cats to the vet because Mimsy keeps squinting in one of her eyes (which randomly will switch), I'll wake up in the middle of the night and be very very afraid. Usually I'm pretty good about not freaking out about things, but sometimes I worry that being too carefree will lead to not catching things before it's too late to prevent bad things, so I think I should be afraid, or something weird like that. So I'm trying to not be afraid, which is hard enough when you're afraid after waking up in the middle of the night, and then I'm like, "No, it's fine," and then I'm like, "But if you think that and it's not fine, then aaaaahhhh!" But I still need to get to sleep, so I try to think of church songs to use as mental lullabies. And this week, the song "When Faith Endures" popped into my head, and it really helped to remind me that it's okay to not be afraid. I only remembered the first and last lines because we don't sing it very often, and when we do it's in Relief Society so I'm playing the piano and not paying any attention to the lyrics. But I read it today, and they're all really good. And there's only one verse, and here it is!

I will not doubt, I will not fear;
God's love and strength are always near.
His promised gift helps me to find
An inner strength and peace of mind.
I give the Father willingly
My trust, my prayers, humility.
His Spirit guides; his love assures
That fear departs when faith endures.

And that's the hymn I would have introduced if I hadn't been too afraid of getting up in front of people. But we ended up going overtime as it was, and it was still very awesome.

After church, we went to Mom's house for dinner. The original plan was that they were going to have spaghetti, but Celeste had offered to campaign in our behalf (without our prompting, I might add) to get us two birthday dinners--one for each of us--since everyone else gets their own individual dinner. So she called Mom yesterday (this I heard from her after the fact) and argued the point some (and apparently she and her husband were both indignant on our behalf; thanks, guys!), until eventually Mom said she'd call us, probably to see what we thought about the whole thing. So Mom called us, and said, "Celeste is campaigning to get you two birthday dinners," and I was like, "Yeah, I heard about that," and Mom started talking about how in Alabama (where most of her family lives), they all have one dinner to celebrate all the birthdays in that entire month, so she didn't think we needed two dinners. I pointed out that that was more of an extended family thing, and was ready to go on to point out that here in Fresno, everybody gets their own dinner so why not each of the Twins?, but I didn't need to, because she realized I was campaigning for it too, and gave in when I told her we wanted one of the dinners to be french toast, because that's really easy to make.

So today we had french toast and Mom was really glad we did because she ended up really liking it, and we win. Yay. We also watched the Kit Kittredge movie, which I think I had more to say about but apparently not. Except that I really like the part where she started writing the letter that was all about how terrible life was and stuff (Kit grew up during the Great Depression), and then she threw it away and started all over counting all the good stuff instead. It was a really cute movie. Maybe someday I'll talk about the American Girl series.

Today I'm thankful for the awesome sacrament meeting we had today, metaphorical birthday cards, the Kit Kittredge movie, Kit not being Kit's real name (if your last name is Kittredge, why on earth would you name your daughter Kit?), and yummy french toast dinners.
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