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Can't think of a subject? Mondai nai.

Today did not start out well at all. Not that it started out all that poorly, just that it didn't start out well. We had both been looking forward to sleeping in this morning, especially Athena, but those dreams were shattered at about eight-thirty when the phone started ringing. Well that's no big deal--we just ignore it and go back to sleep. If it's important, they'll call again later. But then calls just kept coming for like an hour. Normally, I would have just been like, "Fine!" and gotten up to answer it, but I actually somehow managed to sleep through most of them, and Athena was half-asleep, too, so she didn't realize how close together the calls were. At about nine-thirty, we realized somebody had apparently been trying desperately to get a hold of us, and Athena got up to get it, but by the time she answered, they hung up.

But now we had the phone in our room, so the next time it rang, we were prepared! And it turned out to be the Relief Society president, calling to let me know what hymns to practice for tomorrow. She apologized for calling so early, and when I asked if she had been trying to get a hold of us for an hour, she said no, she had only just called now. So fortunately for her, she only had to try once, but we were still left with the mystery of who on earth was trying to call us. So the next time the phone rang, we still let it ring a few times because of our primitive screening process, but we eagerly picked it up! ...and it was a telemarketer calling for donations. We kept getting calls at intervals of about twenty minutes, but they all hung up after four rings, so we figure they were probably telemarketers, too, because everyone we know who actually wants to talk to us has been informed that we let the phone ring a few times before picking up. Maybe that's why nobody calls us...

So we were kind of bummed because all the calling before we were awake had gotten our hopes up that someone had something important or cool to talk to us about, but then it turned out to be telemarketers and we were sad and alone. But that's okay! because we decided that for Saturday morning (it was about eleven-thirty...) we should watch some Saturday morning cartoons! By which I mean whatever we felt like watching on Crunchyroll. We started watching three of their really looooooong titles--Reborn!, Gintama, and Shugo Chara--and we figure we have a lot of catching up to do. Or at least a bunch of watching before we decide that there's too much filler. A quick round of... that game that I don't know how to spell it... eenie meenie miny mo? Eh, close enough. Anyway, a quick round of that decided us on Shugo Chara! *fanfare!!*

But Shugo Chara has an advantage over Reborn! and Gintama in that it's a shoujo series, which means it has more potential to suck us in. And that's just what it did. So instead of watching one episode of each series, we watched three of just the one. But those little guardian character things are so cute! And then! just as we were getting completely addicted...! Akira Ishida showed up and there was no turning back.

Only there was, because it was lunchtime, so we took a break. And then we read manga while we waited for the next episode of FullMetal Alchemist to load from FUNimation's sloooow web page.

Now I have to remember what those ramblings are. Right. The remake. The thing about the remake is, because it's a remake, they have to do it different. But when they did the original series, it seems like they did the very best that they could, as indicated by the original anime's total awesomeness. The only problem the original anime had was that there was less manga to go off of, so they had to deviate and make up some of their own stuff (and we still haven't seen those last few episodes...). Now that there's more manga, it makes total sense that someone would want to animate that, too, because it's an awesome series and, let's face it, it can make Square-Enix a lot of money. So now they're job is to do the very best they can do with the rest of the manga. But first, they have to get the story back to where it was before the deviation, while at the same time being different enough not to bore the viewers.

Saiyuki did the same thing with Reload--they had some deviations that caused them to have to go backwards or something so they could pick the manga back up. They just made up a bunch of stuff that sort of kind of works, and eventually all the characters were in the situations they needed to be in, only seeming a little wimpier for it. So in that respect, it was probably a very good choice on the part of the FMA director to just start back at the beginning, especially because of things we hope very dearly in regards to Hughes (we only just started reading the manga; please don't tell us anything).

The only problem with that is that the stuff in Liore was the perfect way to introduce Ed and Al, and now that they put it in the middle of the series, it loses a lot of impact because you already know their whole deal. Probably a small price to pay.

But there's still the problem with the cast. I mean, the cast they have now is all really good (Satsuki Yukino as Rose serves as further evidence for our "higher profile cast" theory), but man the voices they had before were perfect. So perfect. So I was thinking about it, and I remembered a Gundam Seed commentary where Akira Ishida was talking about having to re-record some scenes because they showed up again in the movies (which were basically recap of the series with a little added footage, including a stupid scene with Kira and Flay, but never mind that). But there were some scenes that he didn't want to re-record, because it was hard enough to get right the first time, and when it turned out so perfectly, it would be impossible to do it that well again, let alone better. (He was specifically referring to the scene where Cagalli finds Athrun after the big Kira and Athrun showdown in the middle of the series, and they have a big argument about everything, and it was really intense and emotional, and just so incredibly amazing. Check it out! *wink!*)

So then I wondered if some of the original cast felt the same way. For example, Yuuji Ueda did an incredible job as Kimblee, and maybe he felt the same way Akira Ishida did about those scenes in Gundam Seed. But he still wanted to be in it, so they let him be Havoc. In the case of Tetsu Shiratori going from Fuery to Gluttony... we suspect he just wanted a more fun character. (I did realize that with Kikuko Inoue as Lust, it's the same duo as in Code Geass, only much much creepier!) And then I remembered reading an interview (or was it another commentary?) where Tetsu Shiratori said he got so into his characters that when Soichiro Hoshi's character took his character's girlfriend once, he actually hated Hoshi-san for a while. And then I thought of a guy like that playing Gluttony, and we both hope he's toned that down some.

Athena's pointed out that all our questions in regards to the new FMA anime and all the choices around it are probably answered in the various anime magazines all over Japan, but since we don't have any, we speculate, because it's fun.

Today I'm thankful for Shugo Chara, getting to read manga today, finding Oreo in the closet this morning, Mimsy looking so adorable on the mountains of blankets on the couch in the spare bedroom, and getting to ramble about FullMetal Alchemist. And getting to use our shiny new icon in an entry where it kinda sorta fits.
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