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Supposedly today is Friday. Somehow that doesn't seem right at all. Like we missed a day somewhere along the way. Athena thinks it was Tuesday. I think it had a lot to do with the craziness that was yesterday, but at least it was fun. I hope we get to go to IHOP again in the future. After having breakfast for dinner, we thought about going to the $3 movie theater, but none of the next showings started for like an hour, and by then it would be too late to watch movies, especially for the newlyweds, who have, like, reasons to wake up at a decent hour (school, work, etc.). So instead, we came back to our place to watch anime, an act that was doubly impressive by the fact that it wasn't our idea.

But since it wasn't our idea, we didn't already have something in mind to show people, so we spent a little while being like, "Oh! We could watch this! ...But maybe we should watch this... Oh, and this is good! Aaaaaugh!" until finally Celeste's husband spotted something that caught his attention on the shelf, and we ended up watching that just because. And that something was... Gokudo! Yaaaaaay!

Gokudo is a series we bought on a whim back when we were alone and friendless (<--melodramatic) in college. We had seen one, really bad quality episode, and we knew that Akira Ishida played the main character, and based on those two things, we bought the entire series. But it turned out to be really funny, so we were glad we did. It's basically about a guy who's the scum of the earth finding himself in situations where he saves the world and stuff. I want to punch Gokudo in the face more now than I did back when we watched it for the first time, but it's still a fun series as long as I keep reminding myself that he is Not a role model. And Celeste's husband seemed to really like it, since she got a phone call in the middle of an episode, and he kept pushing her to hang up so we could get back to it. So that was pretty yay.

After they left, it was time to play with our new cable. We really don't watch that much TV, though, so all we did was see what channels we get. Well, that and see what stuff they have in their On Demand library type thingie thing. It's not actually On Demand--that's Comcast. But it's like On Demand. We think they still call it "on demand," but without capital letters or something. I don't remember. We haven't turned on the TV since last night, which just goes to show how terrible we are at playing with new toys.

But anyway! they actually have subtitled(!!!) anime! ...if you subscribe to the Anime Network. I wonder how much that would be. They only have one subtitled series, though, and I think we might be able to find it legally online. The Anime Network also offers free anime, and they actually had the first episode of GetBackers, so we turned it on to check it out. We watched the opening sequence, and it was really weird because it was like, "Whoa, we're watching GetBackers. And not like on DVD or anything--it's actually on our TV." I was ready to turn it off as soon as we discovered it was dubbed (which we knew was inevitable), but man it took forever for anyone to actually say anything. And the longer it took, the more afraid I was of hearing English. We overreact to anime dubs enough as it is, so this was pretty bad.

Then Natsumi started talking and it was like, "English! I have to turn it off! What button do I press! Noooooooo!" So instead of going back to the menu, I just turned off the TV. But then we were like, "Wait, will that take us back to the On Demand menu thing, or whatever channel it was on before we went to their video store thingie like it does with Comcast?" so I turned it on to check and "Noooooo! It's English again!" It actually picked up right where it left off! Neat!

And now, to be fair, those reactions are slight exaggerations. We do tend to overreact to dubs (which we did this time), but we don't absolutely despise them in most cases. But we vastly prefer the Japanese voices, and prefer not to have to deal with dubs at all. Unless we're morbidly curious, but the Saiyuki and DN Angel dubs cured us of that. Actually, I'm not entirely convinced the DN Angel dub was that bad, but DN Angel is a tricky series for us, so... yeah.

And then we had today, where Ken Akamatsu once again surprised us with ways to make translating feel awkward. And here we thought he'd tone things down since he's been getting so many fanletters from elementary school girls.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to IHOP with fun people, fancy new cable TV, the rosebuds we got yesterday blossoming, getting to watch anime with people last night, and having something to watch tonight so we can get a better sample of the fancy fiber optic TV quality.
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