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We expected not to get a whole lot done today, but the nonproductivity happened a lot differently than we had predicted.

First of all, Athena got called to jury duty a couple of months ago. She tried to get out of it on the grounds of no transportation, but they didn't buy it, so instead she asked for them to postpone it until April 20th, which was when Mom would be reporting for jury duty--that way she'd at least have a ride. But when they checked the website to see if they had to go in, it said to keep checking back until last night, when Mom was told she'd have to report in at 8:30, while Athena would have to check back at 11:30 to see if they needed her. This would be very bad, because now Mom would already be at the courthouse when Athena needed a ride.

To make a long story short, Celeste was kind enough to offer transportation. Fortunately, they didn't need Athena and she got dismissed without having to go in. When I called Celeste to let her know, we also decided that we should get together sometime, and thus it was decided that we would be going out for ice cream tonight.

Anyway, we did manage to get a little work done while not being at jury duty, but first we had to vacuum the bedroom, and then it was time for the cable guy to show up. There was a knock at the door, and instead of the cable guy, there was Celeste! She was in the area dropping off a book for Mom, but Mom wasn't home, so she came over to hang out. She told us all kinds of amusing things, like how a two-year-old boy at her daycare came in one day wearing a shirt that said, "Sorry, girls, I only date models." We also altered out plans from going out for ice cream to going to IHOP. On the one hand, we're sad, because the streusel pancakes thing probably ended a long time ago (not that we won't ask about it anyway), but on the other hand, we go out to eat so rarely that we're pretty excited anyway.

Celeste left for class, and eventually the cable guy finally showed up. He was really late because he kept having to answer emergency calls. As he was about to explain to us the pros and cons of digital voice, there was another knock on the door, and there was the cable guy again! Two cable guys! What's going on!?

Apparently the second guy was the first's friend, and I guess they were going to tag team the installation (which really did take a looooong time, but now we're using fancy fiber optic cables!), but then the second guy left I guess, because he disappeared at some point in the process. But not before showing up with a little rose for each of us. Awww! (There are like a million rose bushes growing around out apartment. When we moved in, the managers encouraged us to pick the flowers.) Both guys were super nice, though, so we're going to give them a high rating when they call with the survey in a few days. We still haven't experimented with anything yet (except the internet! Looks like it's working!), so we don't know the extent of it, but it all looks pretty fancy.

Incidentally, we ended up not getting digital voice, because apparently they're still working out all kinds of bugs. It was kind of funny how they presented it, too, because the second guy's like, "Do you like being able to see the number of the person on the other line on the TV while you talk?" and other things naming the good things, which are all kind of fancy but seem completely superfluous, and then he's like, "Now do you like being completely without internet, cable, or phone in case of an outage?" and other crazy things that made it definitely seem less than worth it.

We did get some work done during the installation process, too, so today actually turned out to be more productive than we thought. But after all our cleaning of the bedroom, the guy mostly worked in the kitchen and the spare bedroom, the two places that are still a terrible mess! Aaahhh! Oh well, that will teach us not to leave messes.

And now Celeste is here to take us to IHOP, so I better make this quick. Today I'm thankful for friendly cable guys, impromptu trips to IHOP, the kitties being able to come out of hiding, fancy fiber optic cables (we're not sure if we're imagining it or not that the internet seems a tiny bit faster), and Flipsides snack crackers.
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