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Clean rooms and Crunchyroll

Whew, today has been full of all kinds of unusual productivity. We managed to get Me & My Brothers ready to turn in by lunchtime, so after that, it was time to try e-mailing Crunchyroll again, since we hadn't heard from them since the last time we e-mailed them, which was... a while enough ago that we figured they wouldn't treat our e-mail as spam. Two weeks and a day, Athena tells me.

After that, it was time to *gasp!* clean our room! AT&T called back on Monday, and since they had a package that was cheaper than what we're paying now, and there's no contract so we can cancel at any time, we decided to give their U-verse thingie a go, even though we had to go without TV Japan, which is twenty-five whole dollars a month. What is up with that? We're almost wanting to ask if we can get just the local networks and TV Japan, since we really don't watch anything else. Why don't we just cancel our cable? Sheesh.

But anyway, when they sent us the confirmation e-mail, it had more details, like how they're going to install everything on the TV and on the computer, which means they'll be needing access to the computer, which means we have to clean our room. But we were lazy slackers until today (we didn't think it would take as long as it did), and so we put it off until today, which was fine anyway because we only had a half-day of work. But because our room is the Room Nobody Sees, it's also the one that gets neglected, so there was a lot of dust and a lot of sniffles. But it's a lot nicer now. Not perfect, because we have a lot of little things that we're like, "Eh, we can just leave it on the dresser," and by a lot, I mean so many that they take up about the entire top of the dresser. But it all looks more organized, and we did move our stacks and stacks of manga that had been piling up there.

When we finally finished cleaning, we had two e-mails, and they both happened to not be newsletters! One was our next assignment for TokyoPop, and the other was from *gasp!* Crunchyroll! We kind of wonder what we did differently that got them to respond so quickly. They had a bunch of questions for us, including what we charge (which we don't know) and who our references are. So we e-mailed all our bosses to get permission to use them as references, and we've heard back from two of them already! The other two are on the east coast, so they had probably already left the office by the time we e-mailed. It's just a little bit nerve-wracking (our nerves wrack easily), but however things work out, we're sure it will be for the best.

In the meantime, all that stuff completely overshadowed the discovery we made yesterday. Our home teacher was visiting, and for some reason James and the Giant Peach got brought up, and we said we have the movie but we haven't watched it because of our fear of claymation. The reason it got brought up with to begin with had something to do with them reading it in the fifth-grade class he...s like a student teacher for? or something? Come to think of it, I don't think he ever said; just sometimes he'll bring up his fifth-graders. But we know he's still a student. We are too non-inquisitive. I think it comes from reading manga, and having to come to terms with the fact that sometimes the details aren't revealed until later.

Anyway. Because they're reading the book in his fifth-grade class, they did also watch the movie, and as it turned out, some of the kids in the class got really scared of it (one girl in particular even asked to be excused or something like that). He never said if any of them were scared of the book, but it did make me wonder if maybe a fear of claymation is like a fear of clowns or a fear of dolls that some people just have. And that was our interesting discovery of last night. Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for getting to buy kitty litter last night, chocolate Chex being on sale, having a newly cleaned room (we still need to vacuum, though), hearing back from Crunchyroll, and very nice bosses.
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