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Twin stuff

Back when we read Tears of a Lamb volume 5, there was a chapter about the twins in it and I was like, "Oh man, have I got a lot to say about this!" But because it's kind of spoilerific, I decided to hold off until lyschan, approximately the one person we know of who's reading Tears of a Lamb, got her copy, which took such a long time, that I was like, "Wait, what did I want to say again?" But whatever my rant was, I'm sure it had some interesting things about being twins, and I promised lys that I'd post about it, and since not much else is going on, I might as well do it! (Oh right, Athena reminds me of our further adventures in sheep counting--another thing I keep forgetting to post about because other interesting things keep popping up. We'll see how long the rest of this post is.)

Now what all happened in that chapter again? Right. Saito. He's an idiot. And a jerk. And did Rihito punch him in the face? I don't think he did, but Saito would have totally deserved it. The big mystery about Saito was why on earth did he go off and be adopted by their aunt. And the answer is that he cared for their aunt so much that he wanted to do anything to help her, apparently to the exclusion of everyone else. He didn't even discuss it with Rihito, he just did it, and that makes him a jerk.

And what's so wonderful about their aunt that he would do this? She can tell them apart. ...What? That's it? PUNCH! Now, Saito did point out that everyone puts different values on things, so we can't really fault him for that, but man. Stupid. jerk.

It's true that even our parents can't always tell us apart, and that's a kind of lonely feeling, so it's not like we don't see where he was coming from. I guess in our case, though, Aurora could always tell us apart, and... did I mention this before? It's an accurate description, so I think I'll mention it again. One day, after we had been feeling very upset about how our big sister treated us, Mom came home with a birthday card for us to give her. There was a caption that said "The invention of the big sister," and the picture had a cavegirl standing outside her cave saying, "I wish I had someone to point out all my faults on a regular basis." And while Aurora can be a wonderful person, she did have this typical big sister quality. And thus we learned that just because someone can tell us apart it does not necessarily make them extraordinarily likable. When you're little, those feelings are especially strong.

We both pretty much agree with Rihito's opinion of the aunt. Don't think that just because there's two of us, one of us is a spare. I think I would have hated her, too.

And then we get to the special Twin Powers thing that seems to come up with twins so much. People have asked us since we were little if we had some kind of psychic connection, and, at least in my case, it made me sad because apparently we weren't special enough. One thing I will always mention about twins is that one of two things happens when you get together with another set. It's either "Yay! We're all twins! Let's all be happy twins together!" or "What? You can't be a twin. That's my thing. And here are all the reasons me and my twin are better twins than you." Actually, we knew a girl with whom it was kind of a combination of the two--"Yay let's all be twins together! As long as we all know me and my sister are more identical." She and her twin didn't get along that well.

We tend to just reciprocate whatever the other set of twins comes at us with. (The Relief Society teacher who always makes sure we get brownies is a twin of the former type.) Fortunately, none of the competitive twins have boasted of psychic connections. That does seem pretty sappy, come to think of it, though. Too sentimental to brag about. But one time, there was a set of guy twins in our stake, and when someone asked one of them, "So like, if one of you gets hurt, does the other one feel it?" he said, "I don't know. Hit him and we'll find out." So they actually did, and he was like (shouting because they were kind of far away from each other), "No, I don't feel it! Hit him harder!"

Anyway, I was a little sad to see that Saito and Rihito had the magic twin power, so I thought about it and realized that they only discovered it when they were separated, and we've never really been apart for that long. So maybe we really do have it! ...We can pretend anyway.

And despite Saito being stupid, I guess he's likable enough now. The jerk.

I'm not sure if that was everything, but it was the gist anyway. Now, as for sheep counting. We were actually a little afraid to try falling asleep to the CD at first. It just seemed kind of shady somehow. Maybe because of Akira Ishida (much as we love him). But on Friday, we finally decided to give it a go.

It was a pretty interesting experience. We don't usually have problems with insomnia or anything, so we usually fall asleep pretty quickly anyway, but we'd been listening to the same music CD to go to sleep by for a reeeeeally long time by then, so listening to the sheep counting actually made it take longer for us to fall asleep. I guess the difference in routine made for more brain stimulation or something. Still, I'm sure I was already asleep by sheep fifty. Only at some point I was suddenly hearing, like, sheep number 215. Apparently I subconsciously decided that I needed to wake up to hear Hoshi-san's counting adorableness. The next morning, Athena said that was the experience she had, too! And it happened again the next night, and I think it's still going on for me, but I only wake up verrrrry very briefly. It's kind of crazy.

Today I'm thankful for having saved it in the right spot to (hopefully) get Nyx's last still without having to go through the entire game (what's the big idea giving each guy two endings!? (they do that in Haruka 2, too; it's not right)), further adventures in sheep counting, our air conditioner working (the weather here actually broke a record for highest temperature on that day yesterday!), intense story developments in Me & My Brothers, and awesome twins.
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